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10 Shows To Keep Your Kids Busy During Holiday Break

Finding ways to keep the kids entertained over winter break is a challenge for every parent. Here is a list of Sling’s most popular kid’s shows to keep them captivated between snowball fights and hot chocolate breaks.

Elena of Avalor (Disney Channel)

Elena of Avalor is the perfect introduction for your children into Latin culture, including food, music and language. Don’t be surprised when your little Disney princess requests empanadas en Espanol!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Disney Junior)

This one is a classic! We all loved Mickey Mouse as kids, and then next generation is no different. Mickey Mouse is still hip and cool.

Shimmer and Shine (Nick Jr.)

Shimmer and Shine are twin genies that grant wishes for their friend. Leah, and inevitably make things worse, every time. This show is the perfect lesson in making mistakes and how to learn from them, for the toddlers and young kids in your home.

Dragon Ball Super (Cartoon Network)

Dragon Ball Super is the latest series in the Dragon Ball franchise and a good introduction into the world of Japanese anime for your little future otaku.

Bubble Guppies (Nick Jr.)

Bubble Guppies is a colorful, aquatic delight that teaches your preschooler the importance of friendship, responsibility and problem solving.

Teen Titans GO! (Cartoon Network)

This reboot of the DC Comic Teen Titans is a lighter, sillier version of the original that focuses on the every day dramas of being a teen, with the sub plot of them being super heroes.

Blaze and the Monster Machines (Nick Jr.)

If you’re fretting over the kids losing what they’ve learned so far this year, Blaze and the Monster Machines is the perfect choice. This show focuses on STEM concepts and encourages kids to solve problems using STEM skills. This show also depicts gender role equality, with its female characters getting their fair share of problem solving credit.

Amazing World of Gumball (Cartoon Network)

Gumball, the blue cat and his adopted brother Darwin, the goldfish, are the central characters in this goofy, whimsical gem.

Andi Mack (Disney Channel)

Andi Mack is the perfect show for your tween girls and boys. It deals with all the dramas and toils of being a modern teen in a sweet, funny, and honest fashion.

Paw Patrol (Nick Jr.)

If your kids have not spent hours in front of the TV watching Paw Patrol, they are certainly in the minority. This team of rescue pups teaches valuable lessons about helping those in need and team work while being completely adorable.