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ICYMI: ‘Better Call Saul’ Sets Endgame, ‘Fargo’ Trailer Drops, ‘AHS’ Gets 3 More Seasons, and more TV news

Is Better Call Saul, as its more ardent defenders insist, an even better show than its progenitor, Breaking Bad? We’ll leave that for others to litigate. But one thing we know for sure: by the time it’s done, it will be (slightly) bigger. AMC renewed the prequel series for a sixth and final season ahead of the February 23 Season 5 premiere, which will bring the story of James McGill, Esq. to 63 episodes total, vs. Walt and Jesse’s 62. (AMC)

Speaking of Better Call Saul, it was also announced that Albuquerque’s favorite DEA agent Hank Schrader and his partner Steve Gomez (Dean Norris and Steven Michael Quezada) will appear in the third and fourth episodes of Season 5, while the late Robert Forster will reprise his role as Ed the vacuum cleaner repairman in an unspecified Season 5 episode. (Entertainment Weekly

The Gallaghers have held off foreclosure for one more year: Showtime announced that Shameless, the William H. Macy-led hourlong series about a lower-lower-middle-class Chicago family, will be back for an eleventh and final season, hot on the heels of season ten. The current season ends this Sunday, and season 11 will begin this summer, still without Emmy Rossum, who was the ensemble dramedy’s central character until she departed in season 9. Who wants to take a bet on whether she turns up for the finale? (Deadline)

Our long national nightmare is over: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are booked to host the 2021 Golden Globes, ending a cruel embargo of their combined talents that began after three consecutive smash-hit appearances in 2013, 2014, and 2015. Why, it’s almost enough to make you want to watch an awards show! (Buzzfeed News)

The crown jewel in Ryan Murphy’s growing TV empire, American Horror Story, has been renewed for a whopping three (3) additional seasons. As always, we can expect details on what those three seasons will entail to be somewhere between scant and nonexistent, but we’ve got our fingers crossed that Murphy will finally go through with the idea he’s clearly been moving toward for years: a season with all roles played by Sarah Paulson. (Deadline)

Following the smash success of The Masked Singer, FOX has announced its intention to make lightning strike twice with a straight-to-series order for The Masked Dancer, which we won’t bother to explain, because you get it. In any case, the format is inspired by a popular segment on The Ellen Show, which in turn was inspired by The Masked Singer. Rumored to be in development: The Masked Chef, The Masked House Hunter, and The Masked Housewives of Schenectady. (The Hollywood Reporter)

The world of The Walking Dead is expanding: We knew AMC was planning to pick up Rick Grimes’ story with a feature film, and now AMC has announced that the third series in the TWD franchise, The Walking Dead: World Beyond will premiere April 12 and run for two ten-episode seasons. “It is not imitating The Walking Dead either in substance or form,” AMC’s Sarah Barnett told critics at TCA. “World Beyond is a two-season closed-ended series that will tell a very specific and distinct story.” Given the appearance of a familiar helicopter in World Beyond’s trailer, it seems likely that the show will set the stage for the Rick movies. And, once World Beyond launches, between it, Fear the Walking Dead, and the flagship series, you’ll only have about 10 Sundays a year with no Walking Dead content. (Forbes)

TNT has been developing a series adaptation of Bong Joon-Ho’s 2013 dystopian drama Snowpiercer for so long, the United States has since slipped into a real-life dystopia. But it’s finally coming out of Development Hell. The series, helmed by Orphan Black showrunner Graeme Mason, stars Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs and will premiere May 31 — we’d tell you to save the date, but we’re guessing that about 50,000 promos during the NBA playoffs will be sufficient to keep it top of mind. (Deadline

Three years after its last, Ewan McGregor-led season, Noah Hawley’s immaculate Coen Brothers homage series Fargo is set to return April 19, with Chris Rock and Timothy Olyphant at the top of the call sheet. Each season has (tangentially) connected both to the other seasons and to the Coens’ 1995 movie, and this one will go back to the 1950s to explore the black Kansas City mafia that Bokeem Woodbine’s character hailed from in season 2. Oh and hey, there’s a trailer! (Deadline)