‘Hometown Horror’ on Travel Channel Spotlights Local Horror Lore

Seemingly every small town in America has its own local legend about a little corner of real estate with a dark cloud hanging over it, the kind of place teenagers dare each other to visit late at night. And wherever such stories are told, you can be sure Hometown Horror will be there to chronicle them. 

In Angola, New York, just a few miles southwest of Buffalo, near the woods shrouding a narrow stone tunnel along Holland Road, it is said that the ghost of The Pigman lurks. The Pigman is believed to be the ghost of a deranged murderer who has been seeking vengeance and tormenting teens for decades. 

“I spent my whole life not realizing I was living in a perfect town for a horror movie,” Connor Kwilos says of his hometown Angola in the premiere episode of Hometown Horror. Kwilos and two friends had their own encounter with The Pigman just a few years back.

Kwilos’ family lives near the notorious tunnel right off Holland Road, or “Pigman’s” as it is known locally. One afternoon when he and his friends were at his house, they heard some sort of rustling in the woods. Soon, one of them claimed to see a large hulking figure through the trees. Suddenly, rocks started sailing through the air landing at the feet of one of the boys, who hightailed it out of there. 

Sufficiently spooked, Kwilos later decided to head down to the police station in nearby Evans to see what he could learn about The Pigman. Turns out, there was a man who used to live in the woods near Kwlios’ family home. His name was William Derrecks, and it’s said that his face was horribly disfigured. 

It’s unclear if Derrecks’ nickname was the result of his appearance or the fact that he worked for a nearby butcher, where he collected pig heads to place on pikes around his home to warn off intruders. In any event, he lived in the area from his birth in 1913 until 1973, when it was presumed that he died in the fire that consumed his home. OR DID HE?!?!?!

Incredibly, there are those who believe that Pigman’s disfigurement was directly tied to “The Angola Horror,” an actual honest-to-god train wreck that occurred on December 18, 1867 and claimed the lives of dozens of people. But we’ve given away too much already, so if you’re sufficiently intrigued, you’re gonna have to watch for yourself.

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