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‘The Royals’ William Moseley Talks His Favorite Episode of Season Four

Upon it’s return, The Royals served up some serious drama for us to devour, — if you haven’t watched the season premiere, we urge you to do so now! — from Jasper (Tom Austen) taking a bullet for Robert (Max Brown) to Liam (William Moseley) going to Cyrus (Jake Maskall) for help taking Robert down.

William Moseley told us why Liam is “joining the dark side” and which episode is his favorite this season:

Can you tell us a bit about Liam’s anger toward the Queen and his brother? 

Liam is angry at the Queen and his Brother because Robert is an arch manipulator of people and utilizes his power to gain control for himself. Liam is particularly frustrated at his mother because she doesn’t seem to understand how awful Robert really is.

The trailer for season four tells us Liam makes his way to the “dark side,” what is he up to this season, and does it have to do with the seemingly attempted assassination of Robert?

I love playing Liam for that reason, that he isn’t perfect. He constantly makes mistakes but at his core is a truly good person. I think he embraces the darkness in order to find the light!

Which episode is your favorite of this season?

My favorite episode this season was ep10. We filmed in Ely Cathedral. A spectacular place for a finale. The choir and orchestra sang Creep which was beautiful. A moment I’ll never forget!

How would you sum up season four with four words?

I can do it in three: Simply the best.

Watch the season four premiere of The Royals on E! on-demand now.