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This is Us season 2

The Most Sob-Worthy Scenes in Season 2 of ‘This is Us’

At this point, the list of This is Us scenes that make us ugly cry is pretty long. The show knows how to pull at our heartstrings like they’re an instrument, and we keep going back for more.

Whether you want inspirational, heartwarming, family-oriented, perspective-altering, or just need a good cry, This is Us will give you everything you need. Even though every episode leaves our emotions running high, there are some This is Us scenes in season 2 that are particularly sob-worthy. Here are the standouts:

Kevin Revisits Football

In season two, Kevin goes back to his high school to receive the award he doesn’t think he deserves and ends up on the football field. We learn that when Kevin was younger, he planned to be a football player, but a knee injury ended his career before it began. The injury began a never-ending stream of opportunities he failed to pursue and awards he never earned.

The whole saga is heartbreaking, but the worst is the scene at the end. Kevin starts narrating all of his mistakes, shortcomings, and emotional traumas like a sportscaster, running around on the field like he’s running plays. We haven’t cried so much at something happening on a football field since Friday Night Lights, but seeing Kevin’s absolute heartbreak and conviction of his failure got to us.

Kate Has a Miscarriage

The other arc of season two that had us tearing up was Kate’s miscarriage. It’s an incredibly difficult topic to tackle, and as always, This is Us did it with compassion and intelligence. When Rebecca shows up in LA to comfort her daughter, and they talk about this seldom-discussed issue that so many real women face, it’s incredibly emotional.

Randall and Beth Foster a Child

To round out the list of sob-worthy This is Us scenes this season, we have to talk about the third Pearson triplet. Randall is always one of the best parts of the show, and this season was focused on his and Beth’s decision to foster a child.

In one particularly emotional scene, Randall and Beth need to sign the paperwork to foster a kid, and despite being the one spearheading the foster situation, Randall is hesitating. When Beth confronts him, she realizes she needs to reassure him because Randall is terrified of taking anything on that he might fail at. Beth convinces him to sign the papers by reminding him of one major risk he took – asking her out. We sobbed for a while after that, because when Randall’s emotional, we’re emotional.

There’s no shortage of This is Us scenes that make us cry for hours on end. But it’s a good cry because, at the end, you feel like you’ve learned something with the characters. Experience the emotional roller coaster that is season two of This is Us on NBC on-demand.