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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Creator I. Marlene King Talks Bringing Season 7 To A Satisfying End

For seven years we’ve watched the girls of Pretty Little Liars maneuver their way through growing pains and relationships all while trying to solve the mystery of who has been stalking and torturing them all this time. Now, the Liars are dealing with “A” once and for all. The show’s creator, I. Marlene King, talks bringing season seven to a satisfying end, however, in her brief answers, she’s careful to only drop a few clues for fans to read into.

As the show wraps up, it seems like the first half of season 7 was starting to bring the Liars drifting back to old flames: Hanna and Caleb, Aria with Ezra, Emily and Alison. Will fans be pleased with how things turn out for the girls and their love interests by the final episode?

I am a hopeless romantic, so fans can read into that for clues. That said it is never a straight path to a destination in Rosewood.


How do you think fans will feel about who A.D. is?

Surprised, satisfied, interested, intrigued and hopefully sympathetic to A.D.’s motivation.


What can you tell us about the repercussions from Nicole being alive as far as Aria and Ezra are concerned?

It’s complicated for sure. But even for die-hard Ezria fans, it’s tough to dislike Nicole. She’s been through a war.


With both Spencer and Toby flirting with death last season, it seems possible that one of the Liars or a love interest could easily be killed off before the end — who do you think makes the most sense to die?

No one is safe. That’s all I can say.


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