Paramount Network Debuts Trailer for ‘Waco’

Paramount Network — the coming network Spike TV is transforming into — has released the first trailer for the upcoming series Waco.

Waco is a six-part miniseries depicting one of the most infamous standoffs in American history with the help of some of Hollywood’s best. The limited series recounts the real life events leading up and through a 51 day standoff between Branch Davidian leader David Koresh and the FBI that ended in a shootout and a deadly fire in Waco, Texas. Taylor Kitsch (most notably known as Tim Riggins in Friday Night Lights, but may also be familiar from the HBO dud that was season two of True Detective) plays Koresh, the leader of the religious sect opposite Michael Shannon (Nocturnal Animals, Revolutionary Road) as FBI negotiator Gary Noesner and John Leguizamo (Moulin Rouge) as Robert Rodriguez, an undercover ATF agent who found his way into the compound only to learn the Branch Davidians knew about the raid the ATF agents were planning.

Showrunners (and brothers) Drew and John Erick Dowdle told The Hollywood Reporter Kitsch let himself sink deeply into the role of David Koresh by keeping to himself during the shoot (which he asked to not take place in Austin where the actor lives), learning guitar and studying scripture, two things that massively shaped Koresh and, ultimately, led him to that fateful day in 1993.

“He got a house on the hills and he wasn’t anti-social, per se, but he really went deep on this and didn’t want to be distracted,” Drew Dowdle said. “It was a long shoot, so he really just stayed in it for so long.”

Waco is one of the main original shows Viacom is pinning the rebrand of Spike TV to Paramount Network in January 2018. It is joined by Yellowstone, Heathers, American Woman and a few Spike TV original reality shows, including Lip Sync Battle and Bar Rescue.

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