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Michael Kelly stars in The Long Road Home on National Geographic.

‘The Long Road Home’ Examines Tolls of War Abroad, At Home

Just in time for Veteran’s Day, National Geographic is launching their new scripted eight-part series, The Long Road Home.

Based on the New York Times best-selling book by journalist Martha Raddatz, The Long Road Home details the true story of “Black Sunday.” In April 2004, a small platoon of soldiers from the First Cavalary Division was ambushed in the district of Sadr City, Baghdad — an area thought to be relatively peaceful — causing the untimely deaths of eight Americans and injuring 65 more.

In a unique twist, The Long Road Home not only offers a look at war through the eyes of the soldiers but also through the eyes of their families back home. It examines the agony they go through of not knowing what’s happening to their loved ones while displaying the coping strategies the wives and families create to help one another get through their loved ones’ deployments. The intimacy and authenticity each episode provides can, at times, be unsettling and difficult to watch, but it’s riveting and compelling enough that you can’t help but stay glued to your TV.

“You go straight from the guys on the front lines right back to one of the wives folding laundry, or a mom having to answer the door and be met with people on the other side who are telling her that her son or husband is not coming home,” star Michael Kelly (House of Cards) said.

Kelly also complimented the cooperation of the United States Army, saying they were very generous with the cast and crew during filming, allowing the cast and crew to live on the Fort Hood military base in Texas, use real military tanks, use real soldiers, and share their military knowledge.

“I can’t beleive all of the uspport the United States Army has provided, and it has been so important to tell this story and telling it well,” he said.

Joining Kelly as part of the main cast are Jason Ritter (Parenthood), Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking Dead), and Kate Bosworth (Blue Crush). The Long Road Home is sure to follow in the footsteps left by the first season of Genius, National Geographic’s first fully scripted series (which earned 10 Emmy nominations this awards season).

Don’t miss the premiere of The Long Road Home tonight at 9pm ET on National Geographic.