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Juan Diego Botto in season two of Good Behavior on TNT.

How ‘Good Behavior’s Juan Diego Botto is Rasing The Stakes in Season 2

TNT changed their network flavor last year in a big way when they released the super sexy and extremely edgy drama Good Behavior, starring Downton Abbey‘s Michelle Dockery and Argentinian actor Juan Diego Botto.

Dockery plays Letty, a drug-using thief who wants to manage her addictions to get custody of her son, Jacob, from her mother. Botto plays Javier, a buttoned-up hitman who has the fortune (or misfortune) of meeting Letty in a ritzy hotel while she was going room-to-room stealing things from the guests, and he was carrying out a for-hire murder. Since then, their lives have teeter-tottered between better and worse from when they were each alone: Javier’s business becomes a little messier, Letty steals to maintain a lifestyle while both are under pressure from the other to straighten up and leave their old ways behind.

By the end of season one, the Bonnie and Clyde-ish couple have gained custody of Jacob and set out for a new life, attempting to leave their old ways and the FBI, who is in pursuit of Javier, behind.

Despite all that happened between Javier and Letty, Javier chose to come back to Letty — he chose a more complicated life. What do you think it is about Letty that makes him want to stick around?

Well the easy answer is he’s in love. I think this is someone who is used to being alone for most of his life; he’s been alone for most of his life so it’s very difficult for him doing what he does to have a deep relationship with someone. In the case of Letty, she knew what he did from the get-go, and decided to stay and that’s definitely the first that time that ever happened to Javier. He has this deep connection with her just because in some ways they’re the same: they’re two outcasts, two people who don’t fit in and they’ve been trying to fit in and be normal but they’ve been having the same problems. And, again, the easy answer is he’s in love.

From the few episodes I’ve seen of the new season, the stakes are much higher for Letty and Javier — talk about how season two differs from season one?

In the big picture, season two starts with them trying to redeem themselves, they’re trying to be normal. They have custody of Jacob then he ran away, and now they have a house in the suburbs where he is a cook and she is a housewife — they’re normal, they have a kid, he goes to school and they want to try that life, a life that is completely new to them. But, everything they’ve done in their past is going to pull them down and keep them from achieving that goal. That’s the main thing season two is about. The season opens up a lot in comparison to the first season. We have more characters, more plots and i think it’s a very thrilling, funny, dramatic season.

This season, someone is trying to kill Javier — how does this sort of role reversal for him change his outlook on what he does for a living?

That’s going to be one of things throughout the whole season: he’s trying to find out who’s trying to kill him and why. Of course, he becomes a bit paranoid because it could be so many people. In his line of work, having someone trying to kill you could mean that any job you take could be a set up. That’s going to be a big thing throughout the whole season, and it’s not going to be solved until the very end.

Oh, of course. What drew you to play Javier? He’s kind of this walking contradiction of a for-hire killer but also has a moral side to him. How do you balance those things when you step into the role of Javier?

That’s exactly what attracted me to the character. Normally when you have a character like that, who is a hitman and a killer, he’s someone who is pretty much detached from feelings and very macho and masculine. But, in this case, he’s very sensitive, actually, and he’s easily able to put himself into other people’s shoes to understand their feelings — he’s able to cry because the woman he loves is losing custody of her kid and at the same time has no problem whatsoever killing someone for money — and, he’s pretty good at what he does. On paper, you would think that’s not even possible, that’s too black-and-white and too opposite, but to me trying to play a character who is as contradictory as that, it’s a big challenge.

Javier’s dirty little secret starts to become not-so-secret anymore when Jacob accidentally finds out. Talk about how that might change things with Letty.

Oh, I cannot talk about that, really, but it changes things in a big way. While it affects just them two, it’s fine because they can control it, but when it starts to spill to his family and her family it becomes a different issue, and that’s going to be very important throughout the season.

Season two of Good Behavior premieres Sunday, October 15 at 10pm ET on TNT. In the meantime, catch up on season one on TNT on-demand.