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Homeland S7 on Showtime

‘Homeland’ Hits Close to Home

Back in the day, Law & Order billed itself as “ripped from the headlines.” SHOWTIME’s Homeland has taken that approach and gone all-out 2018 on it, creating some of the best hours of television in the process.

The recently concluded season—available on demand to Sling subscribers during the SHOWTIME Free Preview Weekend, now through Sunday, June 17—sees former CIA agent Carrie Matheson (Claire Danes) at the center of a Russian conspiracy to undermine the American political institution and bring down the president. With other timely story points including fake news, bots, hacks, trolls, media manipulation, a president’s open hostility towards the press and intelligence agencies, heated political and social fractures, mistrust of federal law enforcement, Homeland hits alarmingly close to, well, home.

While Homeland has had its finger on the pulse of current events over its 7 (and counting) year run, it is remarkable how it has transformed since its first incarnation. Season 1 introduced us to Carrie and her struggles with bipolar disorder, further complicated by the emergence of al-Qaeda prisoner of war Sgt. Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis, pre-Billions) who isn’t all he appears to be. Few series have continued to hit new highs so far into their run and skillfully reinvent themselves many times over, all the while remaining as topical as ever.

Catch season 7 (and all past seasons) of Homeland, available on demand.