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‘Good Behavior’ Raises The Stakes, Questions What “Normal” is

TNT’s newest, edgiest drama Good Behavior made a splash last year when it debuted as part of TNT’s transition into sexier and edgier programming. It gave Michelle Dockery a nice dousing of image dirtying after ending her run as Lady Mary on Downton Abbey, and it introduced us non-Spanish speakers to Javier Diego Botto, an Argentinian actor with dreamy eyes and a great backside (something you see a lot of in this show).

In the first season we got to know Letty (Dockery) and Javier (Botto) pretty well as two truly misguided individuals — one an ex-con with a drug and stealing addiction and the other a for-hire murder — who find the best versions of themselves in each other. By the end of season one, Letty has been able to have a pretty good (and unbelievable) grip on her drug addictions, at least enough to get custody of her son, Jacob, back from her mother who stepped in while Letty was in prison — a personality shift that she credits almost entirely to being with Javier. It’s a relationship where things for them as individuals get increasingly messy while they’re together, especially for Javier, but they both have the opportunity to walk away yet both still choose the undeniably more complicated life.

And so, that’s where we pick up in season two: the duo officially turned trio (spoiler: Letty does get custody of Jacob) takes off for another place to lead another life, a “normal” life. But, what is a normal life? I think we can agree choosing careers in robbery and murder are not even close to the realm of normal, but is it normal for Letty’s mother to be married to a man her daughter’s age? Or, is it normal for a husband to hire a man to kill his wife? Nothing and no one in this show is really normal, per se. And, it seems that it’s only a matter of time before Letty and Javier realize they can create their own normal — something that begins to bubble to the top a few episodes into season two. The truth is, everyone is just as messed up as everyone else and the real normalcy is whether or not you’re genuinely trying to do better — a sentiment repeated several times throughout the series.

As season two progresses, things get stickier and stickier for the couple, making them have to choose each other over and over and proving how much they love each other even though we’ve yet to hear them say it to each other. Just like in real life, nothing’s perfect and things go sideways quite a bit, from Jacob being able to sort of puzzle-piece what Javier really does for work to Agent Rhonda Lashever (played by Emmy-winner Ann Dowd) closing in on finding Javier after he slipped through her grasp in season one thanks to Letty ratting him out and then telling Javier she ratted him out (hence how she got custody of Jacob back).

It promises all the same sex and scandal that became such a centerpiece of season one but the stakes are higher and the love runs deeper.

Catch up on season one of Good Behavior before season two premieres October 15 at 10pm ET on TNT.