‘Game of Thrones’: Here’s Where We Left Off in Season Six


The last time we saw our Queen of Dragons, she had recently, with the help of Daario and Jorah, burned down the Khalar vezhven, along with the khals inside, and stepped out of the flames unscathed and naked, ready to command the Dothraki army quickly dropping to her feet before her. On the journey back to Meereen, she learns Jorah has greyscale and decides to send him away to find a cure. Upon her arrival to the city, Daenerys quickly ends the looming threats of the Masters and the Sons of the Harpy, but finds she’s in need of a lot of ships to take her entire army across the sea towards Westeros.

To solve this problem, she takes a meeting with Yara and Theon Greyjoy, who promise their fleet of ships if she helps them defeat their rogue uncle Euron Greyjoy, so Yara may take the reign of the Iron Islands. Before setting sail, Daenerys cuts ties with Daario, instructing him to stay behind and keep the peace in Meereen with the help of his Second Sons, and names Tyrion Hand of the Queen. The last we see her in season six, she is dressed for battle in Targaryen black as the wind and sea whip around her on her way to Westeros.

Castle Black | Winterfell

For Jon Snow, it seems most appropriate to go back to season 5, when his Night’s Watch brothers stabbed him to death for being a “traitor.” In season six, Melisandre brings him back from the dead, freeing him from the vows he once took to be a Watcher on the Wall. He hands the Lord Commander’s cloak off to Edd Tollett and packs his things to leave, but, instead, finds himself reunited with Sansa (who is accompanied by Podrick and Brienne) after she escaped with Theon from Ramsay’s grasp at Winterfell. Jon begins preparing for what is known as the Battle of The Bastards, despite knowing he doesn’t have enough men to take on Ramsay’s army. They enlist the help of Lyanna Mormont and her 62 men, but are still shy of an equal battle against the Bolton army.

On the day of the battle, Ramsay brings along his newest prisoner, Rickon Stark to the battlefield. He releases Rickon, who frantically run towards Jon, as Jon rides as fast as he can to save him, but Ramsay gives the order for his archers to release their arrows, causing several to strike Rickon, killing him. The Bolton army forms a circle around the Stark/Wildling army and all hope seems lost before the Knights of the Vale arrive, follwing Petyr and Sansa, giving the Stark army the edge they needed.

Ramsay assumes the battle will end in his favor, so he returns to Winterfell. Jon and Sansa follow him along with some troops and a giant, who meets his demise after breaking down the gates to castle. As Ramsay tries to shoot down Jon with a bow and arrow, Jon advances on him until he gets close enough to knock the bow out of his hand and beat him to a bloody pulp. Jon has Ramsay locked up in the kennels and Sansa seeks him out to release the hounds on Ramsay, who eat him alive.

After the battle, Jon demands Melisandre leave the North or face execution for what she did to Princess Shireen. As she rides away, Jon tells Sansa he intends for her to be the Lady of Winterfell since he is just a bastard and has no claim, but Lyanna Mormont instead claims him a Stark and hails him as the King in the North.


King’s Landing

Jamie arrives back to King’s Landing from Dorne with Myrcella’s dead body, removing any sort of humanity Cersei might’ve had left after season 5. The High Sparrow has more or less become the voice inside King Tommen’s head, of which Cersei is not a fan. The High Sparrow sets Cersei and Loras Tyrell’s trial for the first day of The Mother festival in the Sept of Baelor. Instead of attending, Cersei watches from a distance as the High Sparrow and the rest attending the trial file into the Sept of Baelor just before she and Qyburn set their evil plan in motion, causing a wildfire explosion, killing everyone inside the Sept, including Queen Margaery, Loras, Mace Tyrell, Kevan Lannister, the High Sparrow and all of his followers. Tommen sees what has happened from the Red Keep and commits suicide by swan diving out of a nearby window, giving Cersei the chance to name herself Queen of The Seven Kingdoms.



After Myrcella and Jamie depart, Ellaria wipes the poisonous lipstick away, takes an antidote and heads back to the King accompanied by the Sand Snakes. She murders King Doran and declares weak men will never rule Dorne again. After Cersei kills off all of the Tyrells except for its head matriarch, Lady Olenna. She makes a trip to Dorne to meet with Ellaria, who promises Lady Olenna vengeance. On his cue, Varys emerges from the shadows to, presumably, give his monologue on why the two women should align with Daenarys.



The Frey twins have attempted to siege Riverrun from House Tully, but failed miserably. To fix the incompetent twins’ mess, Jamie Lannister arrives with Bronn to finish the job. After the house is taken, they feast to celebrate their victory with Walder Frey. During the festivities, a homely servant makes eyes at Jamie while he’s talking with Bronn. Later, we see the same girl serving Walder Frey his dinner where she explains to Frey how she chopped up the bodies of his sons to feed to him. Before he can move, Arya removes the homely girl’s face and declares who she is and slits his throat, similar to how her mother died at the Red Wedding under Frey’s orders.


North of The Wall

Bran has officially become the Three-Eyed Raven after a warging attempt gone wrong ends in him being marked by the Night King, leading him to Bran where he slaughters the original Three-Eyed Raven, the Children and, sadly, Hodor. Meera and Bran manage to escape, thanks to Hodor’s sacrifice, and find themselves cornered by Wights. A reaper-like figure, who turns out to be Benjen Stark, rides in to save the day. He later explains to Bran and Meera that while north of The Wall, he was injured by a White Walker and left to turn into a Wight until one of the Children found him and saved him by pushing dragonglass into his heart. After Benjen leaves them, Bran finds a tree to continue learning and finds himself in the Tower of Joy where his young father is kneeling by his dying Aunt Lyanna after giving birth. She whispers something into his ear and makes him promise something before he’s handed a baby, assumed to be Jon Snow.


Season 7 of Game of Thrones premieres Sunday, July 16 at 9pm ET on HBO.

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