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Claws on TNT

Everything to Look Forward to in the Premiere of ‘Claws’ on TNT

TNT’s newest scripted series Claws premieres this weekend, and in advance of the comedic drama / dramatic comedy’s debut, check out some of the best things to watch for in your soon-to-be favorite summer show:

 GIFThe setting – Claws is the most Florida thing to have happened since tube tops. This is not Cougartown’s nondescript, suburban Florida. Instead, it’s weird and dark and exciting and seedy, which are each as much a part of Florida as alligators and swinging presidential elections.

 GIFNiecy Nash as “Desna” – Niecy Nash deserves to be nominated for all the awards. Though often praised for her comedic skills, it’s in Claws’ dramatic moments that audiences get a real sense of her depth and versatility.

 GIFJudy Reyes as “Quiet Ann” – Beloved as Nurse Carla on Scrubs, Reyes plays the nail shop’s (mostly) mute, lesbian heartbreaker who knows “how to get prison-cut using a slab of concrete.”

 GIFCarrie Preston as “Polly” – Once True Blood’s sassiest waitress, Carrie Preston plays a parolee with a heart of gold (and an illustrious backstory that purportedly involves at least one Kennedy).

 GIFKarrueche Tran as “Virginia” – Best known for her on-again, off-again, what-part-of-restraining-order-don’t-you-understand relationship with singer Chris Brown, Tran plays the nail shop’s newest employee, the social-climber / stripper Virginia, who doesn’t know when to shut her mouth. Or stop talking.

 GIFJenn Lyon as “Jen” – As Desna’s right-hand woman, she runs the salon and keeps it 100, just like her shirt says.

 GIFDean Norris as “Uncle Daddy”Breaking Bad’s Hank has committed 100% to his sinister new role as a bisexual oxy czar with a fondness for gold chains and coke nail bling. As the season progresses, Uncle Daddy could prove to be as memorable a villain as Tuco Salamanca, and seeing his flashy fingernail sealed in a paperweight would be poetic perfection.

 GIFJack Kesy as “Roller” –  Roller is Desna’s romantic interest and Head Bro In Charge of Uncle Daddy’s money-laundering efforts, a vain, roided out sleazebag who’s really into choking.

 GIFHarold Perrineau as “Dean” – The Lost alum takes on the masterful task of playing Desna’s brilliant and autistic brother who serves as the innocent heart of the series.

 GIFThe sheer and amazing badassery – The five leading ladies of Claws are an unapologetic force to be reckoned with, and on Sunday night you’ll see why.

Watch the trailer below to see all of the action:

Claws premieres Sunday, June 11 at 9pm ET on TNT.