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Chesapeake Shores on Hallmark Channel

‘Chesapeake Shores’ Returns to Hallmark Channel – Here’s What You Need to Know

The long awaited third season of Chesapeake Shores, the series that follows our favorite dysfunctional seaside family, the O’Brien clan, premieres Sunday night on the Hallmark Channel. If your summer schedule is too packed to go back and binge last season, then here are the finer points to refresh your memory:

Trace & Abby

When last we tuned in, the Trace Riley Band had just been given the opportunity to do a six-month arena tour (the chance of a lifetime, really), but Trace decided he did not want to leave Abby and the girls at this stage in their relationship. Initially, Abby was thrilled with Trace’s decision, but she was given a little serving of unselfish reality when Bree and Nell pointed out that skipping the tour might cause Trace to resent Abby forever. Abby ends up telling Trace that he must go, and “if we were meant to be, then this isn’t the end.”

Bree & Simon

Thinking he was being kind and helping to motivate Bree, Simon secretly submitted Bree’s manuscript to a publisher. The publisher accepted the manuscript and gave Bree a deadline to finish the book, but Bree soon realized the situation had spun out of her control. She was left feeling angry with Simon for submitting the manuscript without her permission, and regarded this action as something her evil ex, Martin, would have done. Simon begged her forgiveness, but Bree could not let herself be manipulated again and refused him.

Jess & David

Relying on her keen investigative instincts, Jess discovered that David comes from an uber rich family from Boston. Coincidentally, David announced that he had to leave for a while to run the family business while his father recuperates from an illness. Sadly, Jess was left on her own to run the inn in David’s absence.


After quitting his mind-numbingly boring office job, Connor engaged in a bit of legal research tossed his way by Uncle Thomas. He managed to impress his uncle enough for him to offer Connor a full-time gig. This development went over much better with his dad than Connor could have imagined, and his future for season three is looking pretty bright.

Kevin & Sarah

From the friend zone that Sarah unceremoniously deposited him into, Kevin concluded that medical school would take too long, and his (broken) heart is committed to helping people now. This revelation led him to apply to paramedic training instead. Then—as though the on-again, off-again history between them was not already sufficiently confusing—Sarah abruptly invited Kevin back to the relationship zone while they were building a tent together for the upcoming Chesapeake Artwalk.


Speaking of the Chesapeake Artwalk, Megan nearly reached the end of her rope trying to prepare for the speech she had to give as an introduction to the headline act, the Trace Riley Band. Luckily, Nell helped Megan do a bit of soul searching (something Nell is inclined to do), and Megan was able to summon the courage to find her voice.

The O’Brien sisters have managed to burn their love lives to the ground, but season three promises to dig through the ashes to see what can be salvaged. The O’Brien brothers seem to have their troubles behind them, but a new season will surely bring new challenges. Mick and Megan are trying hard to be the parents their children know they can be, and fans can look forward to their continued growth. That leaves us with Nell. Thus far, it seems that Nell is mostly strategically placed to chime in with words of wisdom whenever the situation calls for it, but hopefully season three provides an opportunity for audiences to learn more about the mysterious boy in the picture, also known as Nell’s biggest regret.

With so many expectations for this close knit yet unexpectedly complicated family, season three will clearly be another heartwarming joyride.

 Chesapeake Shores premieres Sunday night at 9pm ET on Hallmark Channel.