A Crash Course on How ‘This Is Us’ Ended Last Season

You may have just recovered from the motion sickness caused by the emotional roller coaster of the first season of This Is Us but it’s time to re-board the ride for season 2.

So far, this time-hopping series has introduced us to the Pearson family made up of Rebecca and Jack and the birth of their unique set of triplets. We follow the Pearson triplets from their birthday through to adulthood, though not necessarily in the that order.

As the emotional first season slowly came to an end, the season finale spent all it’s time focusing on the parents. Rebecca is on the road with her band, missing Jack and the kids, which prompts a flashback to when to see the story of how Jack and Rebecca met: Rebecca was singing in a bar after ditching her boring blind date and Jack was planning to rob that same bar after standing-up his bling date. Jack hears her singing “Moonshadow” and their eyes meet, making the rest, as they say, history.

When then skip to when the kids are teenagers and Jack, after several beers, has decided to drive to Rebecca’s show. Jack arrives just after Rebecca’s bandmate Ben makes a pass at her and Jack, of course, ends up beating him into a bloody pulp, sending Rebecca and Jack on their way. When they arrive home, they try to hash it out, but it turns into a huge fight, prompting Rebecca to ask Jack why he even loves her. The next morning, Jack packs his bag to go stay with Miquel for a while, but leaves Rebecca with all the reasons why he loves her, not the least of which is, that she dances funny and not sexy, which makes it even sexier. Swoon!

We only get fleeting glimpses of the triplets in this episode but, Kate decides she wants to sing, Kevin decides to take the meeting with the director, and Russell tells Beth that he wants to adopt a baby.

We know from the story line when the triplets are adults, that Jack has died. So, when Jack leaves us with the promise that he and Rebecca’s love story is just getting started, we are all left wondering how he dies and how much more of this love story we get to see. The second season premiere is titled “A Father’s Advice,” and has been called “very heavy” by show creator Dan Fogelman. He goes on to say the second season premiere contains a “huge piece of the puzzle” regarding Jack’s death, so grab your Kleenex and buckle up, this roller coaster is departing for a second go-around.


Don’t miss the premiere of This is Us tonight on NBC at 9pm ET or watch it next day on-demand.

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