A Crash Course on How ‘Empire’ Ended Last Season

The Lyon family is back for another season and they’re bringing with them a heavy dose of drama. But, before the fourth season of Empire kicks off on Wednesday, it’s time for a refresher course on where we left off in season three.


Season three ended with a bang for Cookie (Taraji P.  Henson), literally. After spending most of the season fighting for Lucious (Terrence Howard) and Empire once he got back together with his ex, Giuliana (Nia Long), Cookie found things shifting in her favor when Lucious dumped Giuliana and came crawling back to her. But, while the Lyon were traveling the world together there was a car explosion that left Lucious in a three-month coma orchestrated by Andre (Trai Byers).


After getting back with and then dumping his ex Giuliana, he and Cookie decided to step away from the business and travel the world, leaving Andre in charge. Unfortunately, Andre had already had planned a detrimental car explosion, causing Lucious to enter a three-month coma and suffer severe memory loss. While in the hospital, he found himself under the care of a nurse played by Demi Moore.


Poor Jamal (Jussie Smollett). In the season finale, he met a smooth-singing lawyer named Warren (Terrell Carter), who is the son of Diana DuBois (Phylicia Rashad) who set a trap for the two to meet in an attempt to infiltrate the Lyon family and get revenge for Cookie ruining her other son Angelo’s (Taye Diggs) career. Cookie tries to convince Jamal to release his solo album against Lucious’ wishes but he instead decides to join Inferno.


Andre’s deep, deep hatred for Lucious sent him down a dark path last season. While his father was in Las Vegas, Andre had made a planned with Shyne (Xzibit) to have Lucious murdered in a car explosion, but after his father made Andre his successor, he had a change of heart and tried to stop him from getting into the car, which only sort of worked.


Anika (Grace Byers) started and ended season three in two very different ways. At the start of the season, she was forced to marry Lucious but toward the end of the season, she had the paperwork for their divorce started so she could move out of his house and reclaim her life. But, of course things never go that smoothly when you’re involved with the Lyon. Instead of getting a fresh start, Anika found herself being framed by Leah (the actual murderer) for the murder of Lucious’ half-brother Tariq (Morocco Omari) and found herself in handcuffs by the final episode.

Season four of Empire premieres Wednesday, September 27 at 8pm ET on FOX, or watch it next day on-demand.


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