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Outlander S4 on Starz

5 Things That May or May Not Happen In the New Season of ‘Outlander’

Alas Sassenachs, the Droughtlander is nearing its end! The verra anticipated fourth season premiere of Outlander is upon us as Jamie and Claire prepare to brave the New World. As you will recall, when we left the rugged, red-haired Scot and his time-traveling healer wife at the end of season three, they had been washed up on a beach in Georgia after Claire was swept off their ship during a storm. If you’ve read Diana Gabaldon’s Drums of Autumn, then you will have a fair idea of what’s to come; if you haven’t, then here are some plot possibilities for you to consider in anticipation of the upcoming premiere:

1. Jamie and Claire go to the plantation of Jamie’s aunt in South Carolina. Being a widow, she offers Jamie the job of managing the plantation. At Claire’s insistence, Jamie makes plans to free Aunt Jocasta’s slaves, which makes the pair very unpopular with their fellow plantation owners, leading to a struggle of epic proportions.

2. Soon after arriving in America, Jamie and Claire are set upon by highway robbers who steal everything they have, including Claire’s wedding ring from Frank. They are forced into some dangerous and unsavory deeds to survive.

3. After boarding another ship back to Scotland, Jamie (who is still wanted by the British Army) is recognized and taken into custody. Claire, Young Ian, Fergus, and Marsali must formulate a precarious plan to rescue him, risking all their lives.

4. After experiencing the best and worst the New World has to offer, Jamie and Claire hike for days into the mountains of South Carolina and build a little cabin in the middle of nowhere where they can live in peace.

5. While traveling through South Carolina, Jamie and Claire happen upon another set of standing stones. Jamie realizes the stones call to him, and he is able to go with Claire to the 20th century where he meets Brianna and Roger.

No promises that any one of these options is entirely accurate, partially so, or a complete sham, dinna fash! Just consider it a little food for thought as we dive back in to the beautiful and abundant feast that is our beloved Outlander.

Season four of Outlander premieres Sunday, November 4 at 8pm ET on STARZ.