Yellowstone on Paramount Network

‘Yellowstone’ Could Be the Biggest Thing on TV

It might be a bit soon to say, but Yellowstone could succeed Game of Thrones as the most ambitious, multilayered narrative on television. Debuting last night on Paramount Network, the epic Western tells a story of warring landowners and the competing powers within and related to each group. The premise is not so simplistic as…

Wes Bentley in Yellowstone on Paramount Network

EXCLUSIVE: Wes Bentley Talks ‘Yellowstone’ Coming to Paramount Network

 Yellowstone premieres tomorrow night, and leading the cast of this modern Western epic is none other than the amazingly talented Wes Bentley. The star of American Horror Story and The Hunger Games recently shared his thoughts on his buzzy new project in which he stars as Jamie Dutton, the politically-inclined son of a powerful rancher played by Oscar-winner Kevin Costner….

Homeland S7 on Showtime

‘Homeland’ Hits Close to Home

Back in the day, Law & Order billed itself as “ripped from the headlines.” SHOWTIME’s Homeland has taken that approach and gone all-out 2018 on it, creating some of the best hours of television in the process. The recently concluded season—available on demand to Sling subscribers during the SHOWTIME Free Preview Weekend, now through Sunday,…

Pose on FX

‘Pose’ Earns 10s Across the Board for Ryan Murphy and Cast

There’s no question: it’s tens across the board for the series premiere of Pose on FX. From Hollywood’s busiest showrunner, Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story, American Crime Story, 9-1-1), Pose tells the story of ‘80s ballroom culture in the Bronx and Harlem (a familiar theme and setting to anyone who has watched Paris Is Burning)….

Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell in 'The Americans' (FX)

Nine Questions Heading into ‘The Americans’ Series Finale

All my instincts, they return / the grand facade so soon will burn…  The show I have long called the best on television, The Americans, airs its 75th and final episode tonight on FX. It’s been a fascinating, totally engrossing ride, and this sixth and final season has been arguably the tightest of the whole run….

Ellen Barkin in 'Animal Kingdom' (TNT)

‘Animal Kingdom’ Evolves in Season 3

One of the most satisfying changes to the status quo of televised storytelling in this modern age of Peak TV has been a much greater willingness on the part of showrunners to shake things up from season to season. It used to be that consistency was everything — best friends stay best friends forever, roommates…

Killing Eve S1 on BBCA

Now is the Time to Start Watching ‘Killing Eve’ on BBCA

You might not have noticed yet, but television changed forever back on April 8. That’s the day Killing Eve premiered on BBCA, and the series has spent every Sunday night since then smashing stereotypes and reminding viewers how simply good it feels to see something fresh — something so simple and obvious that it’s outrageous…