Review: ‘Diana: In Her Own Words’ Tells A Darker Story of The Diana & Charles Marriage

From the moment she was thrust into the limelight, Diana Spencer won over the love and affection of the media and the general public around the world. At the very young age of 19, she took on a role that no teenager could ever be ready for but she did so with beauty and grace, at least as far as the public knew.

As we quickly approach the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s tragic death, a flood of documentaries and TV shows are overflowing networks to remind us of the void the world has faced since August 31, 1997. The latest, and perhaps the most shocking documentary to come out  will premiere Monday, August 14 on National Geographic. Diana: In Her Own Words is a two-hour documentary reveals a darker, human side of the Princess of Wales — a side that juxtaposes the woman we remember as a humanitarian and mother who could do no wrong.

Diana: In Her Own Words is a unique documentary narrated entirely by the Princess herself. She sits with a friend, who interviews her for a book he’s writing which was originally published in 1992 called Diana: Her True Story. Though we really learn nothing new (most of this information can be found in Morton’s book), it’s still jarring to hear the Princess discuss the behind-the-scenes of her iconic wedding day, her struggle with bulimia, how she adapted to royal life, and, most intriguingly, her marriage to Charles and his infidelity with Camilla (to whom Charles is now married).

Most of the documentary centers on her tumultuous marriage to Prince Charles, from their wedding day to their honeymoon to their children to their divorce, Diana speaks candidly (as you would with a friend) about her perception of starting her life as a royal and why their marriage failed. She talks about being a young girl and knowing she needed to refrain from having a boyfriend to keep herself “clean” — the main reason Charles and Camilla could not get married — to predicting she never saw herself becoming queen.

Tom Jennings artfully walks us through the mind of the late Princess with her telling her own story with the accompaniment of photos and videos from her life. It’s doubtful there will ever come a day that Princess Diana is not a subject of interest and fascination, and this documentary is sure to reignite the fire in the hearts of those who loved and adored her so much.

Diana: In Her Own Words premiered Monday, August 14 at 9pm ET on National Geographic.



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