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best true crime shows

7 of the Best True Crime Shows You Need to Watch Now

It’s hard to resist a good true crime show – something about creepy crimes involving real people makes it hard to look away. While your options for streamable true crime shows seem to be nearly endless, there are a few standouts that you can’t miss. Here is our list of the seven best true crime…


‘XTC: This is Pop’ is The Anti-Rock Doc

“Once in a long rare while you get a band that starts out pretty good and gets better and better and better and I have to be immodest and say, we’re the other band that did that.” So says singer/songwriter/guitarist Andy Partridge of XTC, the band that over a 25-year career moved from oddball punk…

tupac docuseries

Why is Tupac’s Murder Still Unsolved After Murder Weapon was Found?

Towards the end of the final episode of A&E’s thoroughly detailed documentary Who Killed Tupac?, guest speakers make a salient and harrowing observation: If this investigation of Tupac Shakur’s murder was handled with due diligence twenty years ago, there wouldn’t be so many conspiracy theories about who killed this prolific poet. Instead, it is up to investigators…


Devil in A Red Suit: Did Suge Knight Kill Tupac?

Say you’re watching a movie and the villain plots a drive-by shooting on someone. Now, imagine if that villain had the audacity to sit in that car next to the person they wanted dead. Would you believe that storyline? If you said yes, then you may believe in the fourth theory of the A&E mini-series…