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EXCLUSIVE: Laird Hamilton Talks Extreme Performance Training For New Mini-Series ‘XPT: The Experience’

Power couple Laird Hamilton, arguably the best surfer in the world, and Gabby Reece, a professional Olympic volleyball player, have created a system they use for their professional training called extreme performance training, or XPT.

From freezing cold ice baths to heat treatment at upwards of 200 degrees Fahrenheit, XPT is exactly what it claims to be: extreme training. In their new mini-series XPT: The Experience, the 3-day training event they host yearly follows a group of people ready to put their bodies to the test. From a UFC fighter to a regular mom from Malibu, everyone is pushed to their limit and then some.

“It’s about you being the best you. And, as long as we can make everybody be the best them, then there really is no quitting, there’s no such thing as quitting. How could you quit being you? You couldn’t.”

Laird broke down exactly what XPT is and how it’s something everyone can and should incorporate into their daily lives no matter their age:

Don’t miss the premiere of XPT: The Experience January 24 at 8pm on Outside TV.

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