Charlie Ergen, Mark Cuban Talk Future of Artificial Intelligence

In a sit-down interview with Cheddar’s Jon Steinberg during Denver Startup Week, Dish and Sling co-founder and chairman Charlie Ergen and star of ABC’s Shark Tank and owner of the Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban discussed the future of artificial intelligence.

As Steinberg pointed out, Dish has been busy acquiring a lot of wireless spectrum over the years with no clear explanation on what the company plans to do with it. Ergen said he’s not keeping any secrets: the collection of the spectrum is part of a 10-year plan of transforming Dish into a connectivity company.

“We see a lot of very interesting things out there. We see artificial intelligence, we see virtual reality, we see augmented reality, we see smart homes, we see smart cities, we see health care with costs that are out of control,” he said.

Ergen goes on to note a commonality between everything he mentioned, and that is they have to be connected to work, and there’s only two ways to connect at this point: with wire or wireless. He admits Dish probably can’t compete against the with wire companies, but his aggressive acquisition of wireless spectrum at the last few auctions is driven by the belief that his company can build the 21st century platform that’s not just about making phone calls or streaming.

“You’ve heard the concept of IoT, and certainly that’s a piece of where we’re going,” he said.

When Cuban sat down with Steinberg, he talked a bit about some of the projects he’s working on, including projects centered on the use of artificial intelligence being integrated with cities as well as the medical industry.

Specifically, Cuban said he’s working with a company called Motionloft, which collects real-time data through street sensors as well as Genetesis, a company with a machine that recognizes electrical impulses in an organ that can help predict diseases in the body that doctors may not catch.

“Companies that have an A.I. machine-learning, deep-learning focus, I’ve really been active in,” he said.

Watch the full interviews with Charlie Ergen and Mark Cuban now on Cheddar on-demand.



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