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7 of the Best True Crime Shows You Need to Watch Now

It’s hard to resist a good true crime show – something about creepy crimes involving real people makes it hard to look away. While your options for streamable true crime shows seem to be nearly endless, there are a few standouts that you can’t miss. Here is our list of the seven best true crime shows available now.

1. Snapped (Oxygen)

Snapped is a docuseries that looks at people who snap and commit some outrageous crimes. It’s one of the best true crime shows out there, as well as one of the longest-running shows, ensuring that you don’t run out of true crime media anytime soon.

2. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story (FX)

The second installment of American Crime Story tackles the high-profile murder of renowned fashion designer Gianni Versace. The show takes us behind the scenes of Versace’s extravagant life and the twisted life of his murderer, Andrew Cunanan. Like The People Vs. OJ Simpson, The Assassination of Gianni Versace is a can’t-miss true crime show.

3. Law and Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders (NBC)

If you’re a fan of crime stories, you’ve probably heard of the Menendez brothers. The Menendez Murders from the Law and Order producers is everything you could want out of a true crime show and more. The show follows the case where two brothers were convicted of killing their wealthy parents after they drew attention to themselves by spending their parent’s fortune within a few weeks of their deaths.

4. The Jinx (HBO)

The Jinx looks into the life of Robert Durst, a millionaire real estate heir who was suspected of committing three murders for which he was never charged. The show features an unsolved murder case, exclusive interviews with Durst, and a truly shocking conclusion – what more could you want from a true crime show?

5. Elizabeth Smart: Autobiography (A&E)

Famous for her abduction and nine-month captivity, Elizabeth Smart has a fascinating and disturbing story to tell. Elizabeth Smart: Autobiography is a series of interviews with Elizabeth where she talks about what happened to her and what you do with your life after surviving abduction.

6. The Murder of Laci Peterson (A&E)

Laci Peterson disappeared when she was eight months pregnant, and her husband was later convicted of her murder and the murder of their unborn child. The Murder of Laci Peterson an interesting and sad look at a case that captivated the nation in the early 2000s, and deserves a place on our list of best true crime TV shows.

7. The Killing Season (A&E)

If you loved the podcast Serial, you’re going to love The Killing Season. While you don’t necessarily get the answer to the question of who the Long Island Serial Killer is, this documentary series digs deep into the corruption and conspiracies that have left this case unsolved.

Gather up your friends and settle in for a night of binge watching these creepy, insightful, and fascinating true crime shows.