Daniel Day-Lewis Retires As One of The Greats – Watch on Sling

Notorious for being extremely selective about his roles as well as his deep commitment to method acting, three-time Academy Award winner Daniel Day-Lewis has announced his retirement from Hollywood.

At age 60, Day-Lewis is closing the curtain on his acting career after all is said and done with his final film Phantom Thread. Day-Lewis is playing Charles James, a designer commissioned to work for members the high society and royal family in 1950s London. It may be a far cry from his many Oscar-winning or nominated roles (think There Will Be Blood, which Day-Lewis won in the Best Actor category at the 2008 ceremony), but it would be a smart bet he’ll at least earn a nomination. After all, if TIME’s 2012 “World’s Greatest Actor” has decided this is the film to hang his hat on, it must be great, right?

Since his career started, we’ve all dealt with a Daniel Day-Lewis deficiency: we get all of the actor in each performance, but those performances are few and far between. Now we’re facing a world where we won’t randomly wonder every two or three years, “I wonder what Daniel Day-Lewis is working on? Whatever it is I can’t wait for it.” Alas, we are left to revel in his great work that is available for viewing at our every whim.


 A Room With A View (1985)

Based on the 1908 novel from E.M. Forster, Daniel Day-Lewis stars alongside Helena Bonham Carter, Julian Sands, Maggie Smith, Denholm Elliott, Judi Dench and Simon Callow. Set in Edwardian England, a young woman named Lucy Honeychurch (Carter) navigates living in a restrictive and oppressive society while finding love with the free-spirited George (Sands). Though Day-Lewis was not nominated for his supporting role, the film earned several nominations and wins, including Best Picture, Best Adapted Screen Play and Best Costume at the 59th Academy Awards along 5 British Academy Film Awards and 1 Golden Globe. Available on-demand on TCM.


The Age of Innocence (1993)

With renowned director Martin Scorsese at the helm, Daniel Day-Lewis, Michelle Pfeiffer, Winona Ryder and Miriam Margolyes star in the adaptation of Edith Wharton’s novel, which tells the complicated story of an affluent 19th-century New York, where Newland Archer (Day-Lewis), a lawyer, falls in love with Countess Ellen Olenska (Pfeiffer), who is separated from her husband, while he’s engaged to her cousin, May Welland (Ryder).  This film won an Academy for Best Costume Design and has nominated for Best Supporting Actress, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Score and Best Art Direction. Available to rent in Movies.

In The Name of The Father (1993)

Daniel Day-Lewis stars as an Irish petty thief in 1970s Belfast, who finds himself and his father wrongly accused for a pub bombing, leading to their arrest and imprisonment. For 15 years, he fights to clear his name and get his freedom back. The film earned 7 Oscar nominations, including Day-Lewis Best Actor. Available for rent in Movies.

The Boxer (1997)

Daniel Day-Lewis and director Jim Sheridan (In The Name of The Father) teamed up, again, for The Boxer. Day-Lewis stars as Danny Flynn, a newly free man who was imprioned by the IRA 14 years ago as an up-and-coming teenage boxer. Now in his 30s, Danny is looking to put his life back together by reconnecting with a lost love, Maggie (Emily Watson), and reopening his neighborhood gym, but his past won’t stay behind him. The film, Day-Lewis and Sheridan all earned Golden Globe nominations. Available on-demand on Starz.

Lincoln (2012)

In his most transformative role, Daniel Day-Lewis teamed up with Steven Spielberg to take on the epic role of playing the 16th President of The United States, Abraham Lincoln. With a stellar cast of Sally Field, Tommy Lee Jones, James Spader, John Hawkes, Jared Harris, Lee Pace and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Spielberg  chronicles the story of the final four months of Lincoln’s life and Presidency. Lincoln earned 12 Academy Award nominations, taking home the gold statue for Production Design and Day-Lewis unsurprisingly winning Best Actor. Available for rent in Movies.



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