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The End is Near for ‘The Good Place’

Deep breaths, my little chili babies.

Our favorite philosophy-centric afterlife comedy is beginning it’s last season this week. We have a very limited amount of time left with our Soul Squad (14 episodes, to be exact) but, more importantly, it means our lives will have significantly less Ted Danson for the foreseeable future.

While this Danson-less reality will be truly troubling, we spoke to The Good Place’s cast at San Diego Comic Con in July after their highly emotional panel about their thoughts on the impending end of the show.

“You will be very satisfied,” promised Janet actor, D’Arcy Carden. “If you’re a fan of the show, you know Mike Schur (The Good Place creator and showrunner) hasn’t led you astray yet and he will continue to not lead you astray.”

While we trust Carden’s assertion that the show’s swan song will prove fulfilling for the show’s passionate fanbase, we’re still feeling… well, a lot of feelings.

But we’re not alone: The cast admitted to having a tough time, too.

“It’s always hard to say goodbye to a purpose you found,” said a teary-eyed Kristen Bell. “It really is like leaving your best friend in high school.”

“We’re basically signing each other’s senior yearbooks at this point,” echoed William Jackson Harper.

The overflow of feels during the con was justified. Although filming on the last season had already begun, Schur gave the cast their final scripts the night after the panel so they all learned of their character’s ultimate fate during that weekend.

“We go through so much this season,” hinted Jameela Jamil. She slyly added, “and the guest stars are so sick.”

What does “the end” mean for the couple we love all love to ship, Jason and Janet? Jason himself, Manny Jacinto, divulged that he was stunned by where the pair’s story ends. “All I’ve got to say is… that I had to take a second,” he said of reading his final script.

All finale emotions aside, The Good Place will certainly be remembered for its lighthearted, breezily funny take on such weighty matters as moral and ethical philosophy. It takes many deft hands to make the principles laid down by Aristotle, Kant, and Descartes seem remotely relatable yet, time and time again, the show’s writers bring to light important questions about how its characters lived their lives on earth—questions that even the cast took to heart.

“For me, it will forever be a road map of how to stay light and have levity about life,” said Kristen Bell of the show’s legacy, “but also really focus on the things that matter.”

To go forward on this final leg of our journey with The Good Place, we must go back to that groundbreaking pilot episode where we first met the residents of Neighborhood 12358W and remember what a vibrant green sign told us: Everything is fine.

The final season of The Good Place premieres at 8pm ET Thursday on NBC (in select markets); new episodes will be available on demand Fridays to all Sling Blue subscribers.