REVIEW: ‘Broad City’ is Back, Kweens!

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer are finally back (after a year and a half hiatus!) in an amazing all-new season of Broad City. It’s the show’s fourth season but it’s has a few important firsts, like the first time Ilana and Abbi met, or the first time Ilana runs into Lincoln (Hannibal Buress) since they broke up, or just being the first season since the 2016 election.

Like a lot of other TV shows returning this year (American Horror StorySouth Park) Broad City is using the election of Donald Trump and our current social and political climate as conversation pieces. No, the whole season is not centered around Hillary Clinton’s loss, but there are references, whether it’s a quick one liner, an article of clothing, or an entire episode about orgasm constipation, that makes a statement about how Ilana and Abbi are dealing with this new chapter in American history. One of the biggest statements is the decision to bleep Donald Trump’s name as though it were a curse word not suitable for television.

Most notably, season four provides us with more grown up versions of Ilana and Abbi. Are they less extravagant or awkward? Absolutely not! But, it was time for the ladies to grow in that year and a half hiatus to at least mature in some ways without losing the essence of what we fell in love with in the first place, something other shows about 20-somethings have failed to do in the past (ahem, Girls).

Last season, Broad City scored a guest appearance from then-Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and though this season’s special guests are not of the untouchable level of HRC, the stacked list still has us screaming “yass, kween!” with every name: Jane Curtin, RuPaul, Fran Drescher, Wanda Sykes, Marcella Lowery, Shania Twain, and Susie Essman returning as Ilana’s mom, Bobbi.

Season four of Broad City premieres September 13 at 10:30pm ET on Comedy Central. 


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