Review: TBS’ ‘Wrecked’ is Like ‘Lost,’ Except Hilarious

A plane crashes on a remote island with no inhabitants, no buildings, no means of contact with the outside world. The survivors, mostly strangers, struggle to assemble the basics — food, water, shelter — and to answer the island’s important mysteries. Like: Who brought the suitcase full of sex toys? TBS’ new ensemble comedy Wrecked…

Zach Cregger as Owen on 'Wrecked'

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with ‘Wrecked’ Star Zach Cregger

A diverse group of strangers crash-lands on a remote desert island. It could be the premise for a top-rated, dead-serious supernatural mystery drama, as Lost proved not too long ago, or it could spin in a totally different, much funnier direction, as TBS’ new half-hour Wrecked, premiering Tuesday at 9pm ET on TBS, emphatically proves….

Review: ‘Silicon Valley’ on HBO

We may not have flying cars or be taking our meals in pill form, but the world has changed pretty dramatically since I was a kid. For instance, the biggest industry in the world, and by far the best field for young people to go into, didn’t even exist 40 years ago, and wasn’t on…

robot chicken

Late Night Tastes Like ‘Robot Chicken’

There is just too much TV nowadays. No matter how much good stuff you’re watching, there’s always more, always stuff you’ve heard about but never found the time to get to because your TV dance card is always full. I’ve been hearing good things about Robot Chicken for years, but never found the time to…