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Review: TBS’ ‘Wrecked’ is Like ‘Lost,’ Except Hilarious

A plane crashes on a remote island with no inhabitants, no buildings, no means of contact with the outside world. The survivors, mostly strangers, struggle to assemble the basics — food, water, shelter — and to answer the island’s important mysteries. Like: Who brought the suitcase full of sex toys? TBS’ new ensemble comedy Wrecked…

Zach Cregger as Owen on 'Wrecked'

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with ‘Wrecked’ Star Zach Cregger

A diverse group of strangers crash-lands on a remote desert island. It could be the premise for a top-rated, dead-serious supernatural mystery drama, as Lost proved not too long ago, or it could spin in a totally different, much funnier direction, as TBS’ new half-hour Wrecked, premiering Tuesday at 9pm ET on TBS, emphatically proves….