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Andrea Savage in 'I'm Sorry'

REVIEW: truTV’s ‘I’m Sorry’ Need Not Apologize

We have been waiting a long time for Larry David to come back to HBO with another edition of his smash hit Curb Your Enthusiasm, and our patience will soon be rewarded, when the show returns after a six-year hiatus this fall. Though David’s brand of cringe comedy appears relatively simple to create — put…

Tour de Pharmacy on HBO

‘Tour de Pharmacy’ Offers a Fun Ride with Familiar Faces

Lance Armstrong’s drawn out admission to doping stunned the world of competitive cycling, inspired a memorable South Park episode, and, a bit more recently, provided ample material for HBO’s new mockumentary, Tour de Pharmacy, in which the disgraced champion also appears. Five years after his Oprah confessional, Armstrong clearly hopes to show that he, too,…

#Bingeworthy: “Archer: Dreamland”

Season 8 of Archer begins where the previous season left off, with Sterling Archer floating face down in a swimming pool, his body riddled with bullets, in a scene reminiscent of the opening shot of the noir classic Sunset Boulevard. But unlike his Sunset counterpart, Archer is not dead, merely in a coma, during which…

Zach Galifianakis and Louie Anderson on Baskets

#Bingeworthy: “Baskets” Season 2

Given how lazy, dense and cruel Chip Baskets, the out-of-work classically trained clown at the center of Baskets can be, it’s no wonder his life is so awful. What is surprising, though, is that it keeps getting worse. But, hey, it makes for good TV. Zach Galifianakis stars as both Chip and his twin brother…