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Matt Berry Takes Center Stage in IFC’s ‘Toast of London’

Matt Berry has been among England’s hardest working comedic actors for more than 15 years now, gamely playing second banana to some of the greats, including Richard Ayoade, Chris O’Dowd, Julian Barratt, and Noel Fielding. Now and again, however, he takes center stage and the results are typically bonkers. Such is the case with Toast…

The Sling TV Guide To Thanksgiving 2019

Thanksgiving is a far superior holiday to Christmas for a variety of reasons. It’s non-denominational, there are no presents to buy and there are a cornucopia of foods we don’t normally eat. But there’s one other thing that really sets Thanksgiving apart: You can have the TV on pretty much all day without anyone beefing….

‘The Misery Index’ Laughs Through the Pain

Can misery be measured? Is the trauma of finding out that your daughter has decided to marry a rollercoaster objectively worse than the pain (and long-term psychological damage) of being stuck in an elevator that plummets 30 stories?  TBS’ new comedic game show The Misery Index, hosted by Jameela Jamil (The Good Place) and featuring…