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The Cool Kids on FOX

Leslie Jordan Discusses Being One of ‘The Cool Kids’ on FOX – EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Some familiar faces will join the roster of FOX’s TV stars when The Cool Kids makes its debut Friday night. Centered on the unexpectedly wild adventures of a group of 70-something friends living in the Shady Meadows retirement home, FOX’s latest sitcom brings together comedy greats Leslie Jordan, Vicki Lawrence, David Alan Grier, and Martin Mull. Leslie Jordan (Will & GraceAmerican Horror Story) recently shared his thoughts with Sling about his latest project, a show that reminds audiences there’s no upper age limit on funny.

The Cool Kids premieres Friday, September 28 at 8:30pm ET on FOX. New episodes will be available next day on demand.

How would you describe Sid’s role in the friend group?

[Jordan:] Sid is openly gay. He comes off a twenty-year hetero marriage, so he is ready to experience life. He is up for anything and loves having straight friends who accept him just the way he is.

Will Sid have a love interest this season?

We are only on episode five and no love interest. He has, however, discovered hook-up sites. So, for a closeted-most-of-his-life guy to fine Grindr has changed his life. In his words, “It’s like Postmates, but instead of food a MAN gets delivered!!”

Is there a particular guest star you hope might drop by?

I am friends with Tina Louise from Gilligan’s Island. She would be fun. I know from experience that so many of these older actors just want to work. We will bring up a name and people will say, “Do you think he’s available?” and I always say, “Honey, he’s circling the block as we speak! HIRE OLDER ACTORS!!”

Among The Cool Kids’ four leads, which of you is most unlike his or her character in real life?

I think that David Alan Grier and Vicki Lawrence are less close to their characters in real life than Martin and I. We are really playing ourselves. But Vicki is so sweet and innocent in real life. But, boy, when the cameras begin to run, she’s game for anything. David is not as “crusty” or “old’ as his character, but he gets more like his character every day!

Given that Charlie Day of FXX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia serves as an executive produce and writer on The Cool Kids, can audiences expect a similarly fun and subversive tone?

With Charlie Day and also Patrick Walsh (showrunner and writer for 2 Broke Girls), we have a really interesting team of 12 writers in all. The tone of the show is definitely subversive. It is also very broad comedy, lots of slapstick and over-the-top ludicrous situations. I think it harkens back to the comedy of yore. Really silly. So silly and fun. If the audience enjoys it only half as much as we enjoy doing it, we will be around for many years.

Watch the premiere of The Cool Kids Friday at 8:30pm ET on FOX.