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‘You’re The Worst’s Kether Donohue Joins FOX’s ‘ L.A. to Vegas’

Kether Donohue is known and beloved for her role as Lindsay on FXX’s You’re The Worst, which is current airing its fourth season on FXX on-demand. Now, Donohue will take on a supporting role in FOX’s newest comedy L.A. to Vegas.

From executive producers Adam McKay and Will Ferrell comes a half-hour comedy centered on Jackpot Airlines and its flight crew who only travels back and forth from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, and the massive transformations the happy, energetic passengers have going to Vegas versus coming home to L.A.

Donohue will join Dylan McDermott, Ed Weeks, Kim Matula and Nathan Lee Graham as the attractive yet flakey Meghan who reeks Vegas. She’s a magician’s assistant by trade who loves being at the center of attention and is self-involved without self-awareness who also happens to be Colin’s (Weeks) estranged ex-wife whom he had a one-night stand and son with.

Dylan McDermott stars as the pilot of Jackpot’s L.A. to Vegas route — a character only McDermott could execute with just the right amount of comedy and sleaze. Kim Matula and Nathan Lee Graham are part of the flight crew as Weeks plays a passenger we meet, who finds himself in an uncomfortable hookup with Matula’s Ronnie in the plane bathroom.

L.A. to Vegas is expected to take off sometime early 2018.