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FOX’s Newest Comedy LA to Vegas Has Good Odds

From executive producers Adam McKay (Step BrothersAnchormanand Will Ferrell comes a brand new comedy on FOX called LA to Vegas.

Putting a new wings on the workplace comedy, LA to Vegas follows a ragtag flight crew — who all had dreams of being something else — on the low-budget Jackpot Airlines as they make the journey to and from Los Angeles and Vegas over and over again.

As the pilot of Jackpot Airlines’ Los Angeles to Vegas route, Captain Dave (Dylan McDermott) is not-so-secretly the best part of this show. From his obsession of Muay Thai to his horrible pilot puns, there is no one better equipped to deliver the cheese, greasy, lovable performance Captain Dave deserves then Dylan McDermott. And, it opens to door for a great episode of Captain Dave squaring off with his biggest mortal enemy, Captain Steve, who is played by non other than Dermot Mulroney.

Rounding out the flight crew is Kim Matula as Ronnie, a sporadic flight attendant who aspires for more than the LA to Vegas route; Nathan Lee Graham as Bernard (who you may recognize from Zoolander), a snappy flight attendant with all the best zingers; and Amir Talai as Alan, Captain Dave’s co-pilot whose naivety serves as a runway for Captain Dave’s neurotic behavior.

Though it’s a different flight ever week, there are a couple of passengers who may the trek from LA to Vegas every weekend, whether it’s for a gambling problem (Peter Stormare’s Artem), making more money at the strip clubs (Olivia Macklin’s Nichole), or seeing their child (Ed Weeks’ Colin), who was a result of a one night stand with a magician’s assistant.

After seeing the first three episodes, I’m convinced there’s a long-lasting show within this premise — something I was very much skeptical of after seeing just the first episode a few months ago. Thanks to the brilliant minds of Adam McKay and Will Ferrell, the excellent writing, and the top-notch performance by the Jackpot Airlines’ crew and passengers, I would say the odds are in this new comedy’s favor of being a win for FOX.

Watch the premiere of LA to Vegas on January 2 at 9pm ET on FOX, or next day on-demand.


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