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EXCLUSIVE: ‘The Detour’ Cast Talks Best Episodes of Season 2

Before season one of TBS’ The Detour even premiered, it was picked up for a second season — a high bar for the Samantha Bee and Jason Jones-led comedy easily cleared by the end of season one, raising the anticipation of what sort of trouble the Parkers would find themselves in for season two. One thing was certain heading into last week’s premiere: It had to be more than just a road trip gone wrong.

After Nate (Jason Jones) lost his job by the end of season one, the Parkers were down on their luck, living in a trailer park in Syracuse. As season two picks up, Nate finds himself on a job interview in New York City with a mysterious, sharp-edged man named J.R. (James Cromwell), who offers him a position as Chief Operations Officer at his company. With dollar signs in his eyes, Nate accepts and moves the family to the Big Apple, and so the chaos ensues.

We quickly learn Robin (Natalie Zea), who used to live in New York City, has quite a past that slowly begins to unravel over the next several episodes, from how she married men looking for green cards for cash to who Carlos — the last man she married and never quite got around to divorcing — really is. It all takes the family down their rockiest road yet, which comes to a head in the sixth episode called ‘The Tournament’, a favorite among the cast.

“That’s the one detour into drama, but we don’t wallow for long,” star and executive producer Jones said. “We dip in — we dip our toes into a little drama and get out.”
Watch the cast spill the beans about their favorite episodes of season two:


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