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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Archer’s Amber Nash Talks Dreamland in Season 8

Since season 5, Archer creator and executive producer Adam Reed has dipped his toe in taking the title character into alternate realities of his normal life as a private investigator. After Archer is riddled with bullet holes floating face-down in a pool, it was unclear how he was going to survive. But, as we discover in the opening of season 8, he does survive but remains in a coma, which sets the scene for a new reality: Dreamland.

Amber Nash, the voice behind Pam Poovey, sheds light on the new, shorter season and what role Pam takes on in Archer’s coma dream.

Talk about this season’s theme: Dreamland.

It’s set in 1947 and is in Archer’s mind in a coma. It’s beautifully animated. It really looks incredible. We all play different characters that have different relationships to one another. For example, my character now known as Poovey, is a cop and partners with Cyril. It’s fun because we are different but still the same terrible a–holes we’ve always been.

In Dreamland, Archer meets the alter-egos of all the characters we know and love. What role does bizarro-Pam take on?

Poovey is loosely based on Russell Crowe’s character from L.A. Confidential and a big lug. I had to speak Mandarin in a few episodes — I’m interested to see how that turns out.

What do you think it says about Pam and Archer’s relationship, at least according to his subconscious, that Pam takes on a male persona?

Interesting question. I think it must have something to do with the commanding presence of Pam and that she’s never been constrained by boundaries, rules, politeness, sexuality or societal norms, so why start now?

What can you tease about season 8?

My character has some very special relationships that become a big part of Poovey’s story this season.

Can you promise fans will get their Archer fill with the shortened eight-episode season?

I can. I know, I was bummed, too, but [the eight episodes] pack a punch.

This is the second season for Archer to be placed in some sort of alt-reality, which must be nice to have the change up after being on-air for so long with at least two more season to go. Have you heard any plans for season 9?

It’s nice, and so cool for an actor. There is a plan for season nine but I’m not totally sure I know what it is.

New episodes of Archer are available on-demand Thursdays on FXX starting April 6.