AWARDS CHATTER: Julia Louis-Dreyfus Up for Emmy Six-peat for ‘Veep’

Nominated for Best Comedy Series, Best Writing for a Comedy Series (for two different episodes), Best Directing for a Comedy Series (for three different episodes), Best Actress in a Comedy Series for Julia Louis-Dreyfus (which, if she wins, will make six in a row), and acting nods for series regulars Tony Hale (who has won twice before), Matt Walsh (his second nomination), Anna Chlumsky (fifth nomination), and guest star Hugh Laurie, HBO’s political satire Veep rolls into the 2017 Emmys like the Golden State Warriors.

In its excellent sixth season, the show took former president Selina Meyer (Louis-Dreyfus) out of politics entirely, dispensing with her aspirations to run for president yet again in the first episode, and visiting a rash of indignities upon her, including her fruitless quest to fund and build a presidential library, struggling to find a publisher for her memoir, and being floated as a (decoy) Supreme Court Justice nominee, before deciding, yet again, to run for President (yet again).

The beauty of this show has always been that it is not really about politics in the policy, Republicans-versus-Democrats sense; it’s more about the way the people who get into politics, and thus politics itself, are driven by spite, entitlement, pettiness, and ego. Any actual achievements that might happen to help people are entirely secondary.

While it would be great to see Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who is easily the greatest comic actress since at least Mary Tyler Moore, rack up a sixth trophy for her performance as the calculating, self-aggrandizing, almost totally empathy-free Selina Meyer — which would make her six for six, with a win for every season Veep has been on, I would really like to see Anna Chlumsky, who plays Selina’s desperate, harried, increasingly ruthless aide Amy Brookheimer, take one home after four previous nominations. Amy has been my favorite character on the show since season 1, and has only gotten better (and by better I mean funnier) as Amy has suffered increasing indignities, which this season included a doomed engagement to a failed Nevada gubernatorial candidate, having to sneak back onto Selina’s team as though she never left, and worst of all, getting pregnant with her longtime nemesis Dan Egan’s child.

The real crime here, of course, is that there is no nomination for Sam Richardson, who has gotten a LOL out of me pretty much every time he has ever opened his mouth in the role of Richard Splett.

But there’s always next year!

All six seasons of Veep are available on-demand on HBO. 



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