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Catch Up With ‘Love & Hip Hop New York’ On Demand Before Season 10 Debuts

Love & Hip Hop New York is close to hitting the decade mark on VH1 and it shows no signs of slowing down. With the premiere of Season 10 airing Monday Dec. 16 at 8pm ET, there’s a lot to catch up on. Fortunately, Sling TV has you covered with all nine seasons now available On Demand. Plus, there are more short clips recapping the best moments in this reality mainstay. If you can’t watch all 135 episodes before the premiere (there’s no excuse for this, you can miss a few days from work) we have you covered. Here are a few storylines and our favorite episodes to get you ready for Season 10.

Joe Budden Reunited with Exes

Sometimes the internet was seemingly created to dunk on Budden, especially when he goes off on the current generation in hip hop.

Even though he has the number one podcast on Spotify, let’s just say he hasn’t had the same success in his love life. Budden has proposed twice during his run on LHHNY, first proposing to Tahiry Jose and then Cyn Santana. Tahiry left him hanging after an elaborate proposal in Times Square and Santana dumped Budden after three years of dating and four months of engagement. By the way, the two just had a baby together. If that weren’t enough, both of Budden’s exes will be back on the show. Who knows what can happen when the three of them all get in one room.

Erica Mena & Safaree Samuels are Expecting

Speaking of exes, Erica Mena will be back on the show, along with her ex-girlfriend…Cyn Santana. While those two seem to have moved on after their volatile and sometimes violent relationship, Budden and Safaree have not. Last we saw them, they were arguing on a beach after Safaree went behind Budden’s back and brought Erica back on the show, despite her unstable past with Cyn.

Expect Erica and Safaree to move on as they’re married now and expecting. Cyn has also moved on from Budden and is focussing on the child they have together. Will the babies help everyone evolve from the past or is there too much history for them all to get along? Before we find out, relive Erica and Cyn’s fallout from Season 5.

Love, Jail & Hip Hop

While the drama between those four can be hard to keep up with, Kimbella is dealing with more serious issues in her relationship. Juelz Santana and Kimbella got married last season and the couple welcomed a baby. But before any of that, Santana brought a loaded gun and nonprescription Oxycodone pills to a New Jersey airport. He then fled the airport and turned himself in three days later. He is now serving a 27-month prison sentence.

At her wedding, Kimbella said she is waiting patiently for her husband to get out, but how will that effect raising the baby and their relationship? Kimbella has already had to leave their home home due to back rent. Season 10 will give us all the answers on how the Santana family is dealing with incarceration.

If you can’t wait for the premiere of Season 10 of LHHNY, Sling has you covered. Look for VH1 in your Guide and visit the On Demand section. There you will find every episode of every season of the show — including more of our favorite highlights, like Cardi B’s Libra moments. That’s a reunion we wouldn’t mind seeing on the show, either.

Watch the Season 10 premiere of Love & Hip Hop New York on Mon. Dec. 16, at 8pm ET on VH1. Catch up on the entire series On Demand.