Catch up on what to watch on TV today

Catch Up on Sling: The Week’s Best Episodes On-Demand

Claws 1.1, ‘Tirana’ (TNT)


American Gods 1.7, ‘A Prayer for Mad Sweeney’ (Starz)


Twin Peaks 3.6, ‘Part Six’ (Showtime)


Fear the Walking Dead 3.3, ‘TEOTWAWKI’ (AMC)


Keeping Up with the Kardashians 13.14, ‘Sister Surrogacy’ (E!)


Silicon Valley 4.8, ‘The Keenan Vortex’ (HBO)


Veep 6.8, ‘The Judge’ (HBO)


Better Call Saul 3.9, ‘Fall’ (AMC)


Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 6.13, ‘Jamaican Me Crazy’ (VH1)


Daytime Divas 1.2, ‘Coma Bump’ (VH1)


Angie Tribeca 3.10, ‘Go Get ‘Em, Tiger’ (TBS)


Pretty Little Liars 7.18, ‘Choose or Lose’


Animal Kingdom 2.3, ‘Bleed For It’ (TNT)


Genius 1.9, ‘Einstein: Chapter Nine’ (NatGeo)


Blood Drive 1.1, ‘The F…ing Cop’ (Syfy)


The Real Housewives of NYC 9.11, ‘A Countess No More’ (Bravo)


Fargo 3.9, ‘Aporia’ (FX)


The President Show 1.8, ‘Bassem Youssef’ (Comedy Central)


Queen of the South 2.2, ‘Dios y el Abogado’ (USA)


Nashville 5.14, ‘(Now and Then There’s) A Fool Such as I’ (CMT)











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