‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’: Rediscovering Chef Adam Glick

Below Deck Sailing Yacht premieres tonight on Bravo, and I couldn’t be more excited. As the third installment of the Below Deck franchise (alongside both the original and Below Deck Mediterranean), I’ve got some idea of what to expect. The shows each feature the crew of a luxury yacht. Said crew spends the season sleeping with each other, fighting with each other, engaging in cutthroat workplace politics with each other…you name it, and the show has an element of it. New batches of yacht guests rotate in every two to three episodes, each with their own demands or quirks to keep the crew on their toes.

Though most of the Sailing Yacht crew is new, there is one show veteran — chef Adam Glick. Before he was chef on a sailing yacht, he spent two seasons as chef on Below Deck Mediterranean. And if you’re not familiar, you’re in luck – now’s the perfect time to catch Adam’s best moments on demand. Read on for some of his standout moments, check out Below Deck Mediterranean on Sling On-Demand, and tune into the premiere of Below Deck Sailing Yacht tonight at 9pm ET on Bravo.

1. Oniongate

Before boarding the yacht, all guests submit a ‘preference sheet’, listing a few key tidbits about them — including, most importantly, their food likes and dislikes. If Chef Adam had one job, it was to create meals that accommodate the guests’ written preferences. Especially when said guest has one simple request – no onions (Don’t Cry Over Cut Onions, Season 2 Episode 6).

If you’re new to the Below Deck family, you may not fully appreciate the stupidity of Adam’s onion rebellion. The crew depends on tips from the charter guests — normally in the thousands of dollars — at the end of each charter. Provoke a guest with an unwelcome onion bulb in their food, and you risk not only your own payday, but that of the entire crew.

2. Enter Malia

Deckhand Malia made waves across the Sirocco crew. Deckhand Bobby (an overly-muscled former fireman), sweet bosun Wes (technically Malia’s boss, but moving along) and chef Adam all did their own versions of a Malia-inspired swoon. And while a Wes/Adam/Malia love triangle went on to drive most of Mediterranean’s second season, things weren’t as straightforward as they appeared. About halfway through the season (iCloudy with a Chance of Secrets, Season 2 Episode 9), Adam and Malia revealed that they had actually known each other before the show started filming (something not even the producers knew).

But of course, the drama didn’t stop there. Adam later revealed the receipts of his and Malia’s continuing relationship – which unfolded even as she continued her romance with ship bosun Wes (Swing Shift, Season 2 Episode 12).

3. (Re) Meet Adam

Season 3 of Below Deck Mediterranean featured tours along Amalfi Coast. The scenery alone could support the show. But no need – the young and pretty yachties are in town and ready to get the season started. Though much of the crew has been switched out from the prior season (a practice that I love — keeping storylines and interpersonal dynamics fresh), Adam is back. He shares that he is recently back from a van life trip from San Diego to Canada, and is now finally ready to “let go of distractions” (i.e., Malia).

True, his first charter guests weren’t exactly the world’s most pleasant people (Ciao, Napoli!, Season 3 Episode 1). But they set him up for a season of hard-working, eager-to-please Adam – a far cry from his Season 2 self.

4. #Noonions

To Adam’s credit, he really did stay out of the fray in Mediterranean’s third season (perhaps he had gotten more than his fill of that in Season 2?) But not even he could escape the limelight when Kenny – the inspiration behind Season 2’s Oniongate – returned to the ship.

Not only did Adam poke fun at himself (even suggesting that the stews create an onion hunt to entertain the guests), but he also really showed a commitment to redeem himself with Kenny. Between the caliber of his food and the care he showed to head stew Hannah (who was dealing with an anxiety attack and clearly needed the support), a whole new Adam emerged.

Looking ahead, will Below Deck Sailing Yacht Adam be the devilish-eyed instigator of Below Deck Mediterranean‘s Season 2, or the redeemed, low key chef of Season 3? Only time will tell, but either way, I’ll be watching to find out.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht premieres Monday, February 3, at 9pm Eastern on Bravo.