AWARDS CHATTER: No Doubt ‘Big Little Lies’ Will Clean House This Awards Season

If you haven’t heard about Big Little Lies by now then I assume you do not have the internet and therefore are probably not reading this anyway.

Arguably the best mini-series of 2017, Big Little Lies brought some of Hollywood’s elite to the small screen in a delicious dose of drama from inside an elitist community in Monterrey, California. Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Zoe Kravitz, Laura Dern and Shailene Woodley star as five women whose very different lives are intertwined for better or for worse. And, these powerhouse actresses are accompanied by an equally impressive list of actors: Adam Scott, Alexander Skarsgard, James Tupper and Jeffrey Nordling. It’s rare we see that much talent in 8-hours worth of story without any of them outshining or under performing their role, and the Emmys noticed.

Kidman and Witherspoon are competing against each other for Best Actress in a Limited Series Actress, as are Laura Dern and Shailene Woodley in the Supporting Actress category, while Skarsgard was the only male nominee in the cast, is a frontrunner for Supporting Actor. It is quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever seen Kidman take on, and she had the battering and bruises to prove it. I was skeptical of Skarsgard at first because I always see him at Eric from True Blood, but this will forever be the moment he shattered that perception and made himself something more than the “hot naked guy from True Blood” (somehow his take on Tarzan didn’t do it for me). Both the writing and directing were nominated, which comes as no surprise at all. The adaptation of Lorraine Moriarty’s novel of the same name was beautifully condensed by David E. Kelley while the muted, grayish colors of the whole thing complimented not just the stories being told but how those stories were being told by Jean-Marc Vallee. It’s no wonder audiences were crying out for more once the credits started to roll on the explosive season finale. Quick side note: I want to give a standing ovation to the Emmy-nominated musical supervisor, Susan Jacobs, who created the best show soundtrack maybe of all time. I’m sure she’ll get a Grammy nomination, too. Seriously, it’s that good. 

Big Little Lies racked up 16 Emmy award nominations (didn’t I say it would receive a slew of awards this season?) and I’d guess it won’t take home two of those — two actresses can’t win for the same category, unfortunately. Otherwise, I’d hardly be surprised if it didn’t clean house.

If you are one of those rare individuals who hasn’t heard of or seen Big Little Lies, then it’s time to join the party because after the September 17th Emmy awards, that’s all anyone is going to be talking about.

Big Little Lies is available on HBO on-demand. 


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