6 TV Midseason Premieres You Can’t Miss

There is one thing that helps us get through the cold winter months, and that’s TV midseason premieres. There’s nothing we’d rather do than curl up on the couch with a glass of wine or a mug of hot chocolate and learn what happened to all our favorite characters since we left them last season.

Since there are tons of shows premiering in the next few months, we sorted through the list to bring you six TV midseason premieres you can’t miss. Some are old favorites, and some are new shows that caught our eye. Here are the shows you need to watch in February and March:

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (February 18, HBO)

One of our favorite late-night hosts returns to HBO on February 18. Oliver, known for his scathing political commentary, in-depth investigations, and dramatic stunts, is sure to bring us plenty of amazing rants in season five of the show. If watching the normal news gets to be too much, Last Week Tonight mixes the news you need to know with some much-needed comedy.

Final Space (February 26, TBS)

Fans of Rick and Morty and Futurama will want to tune into the premiere of Final Space on February 26. The show is an adult cartoon set in space, produced by Conan O’Brien, and features an adorable plant-destroying alien pet. What more could you want from a TV show, really?

Adam Ruins Everything (March 20, TruTV)

CollegeHumor’s Adam Conover returns to ruin our lives on March 20th! Going into the latter half of season two of Adam Ruins Everything, we can’t wait to watch him explain to us why everything we know and love is both wrong and also probably horrible. Call us sick, but we guarantee if you give it a watch, you’ll love/hate it right alongside us.

Silicon Valley (March 25, HBO)

Mike Judge’s on-point satire about entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley returns for its fifth season in March, and we can’t be more excited for it! Last season turned Silicon Valley‘s plot on its head in every episode, so we can’t wait to see what awaits Richard, Dinesh, Gilfoyle, and the rest of the Pied Piper crew this season.

Billions (March 25, Showtime)

While a show about a hedge fund manager, bond action market manipulation, and a U.S. attorney may not sound like the most interesting combination, trust us – it’s worth a watch. Billions shows us the dealings of a shady hedge fund manager and the federal prosecutor determined to take him down. Season 3 of the show promises extravagant displays of wealth and lots of high-tension, closed-door conversations.

Suits (March 28, USA Network)

Although we’ll be sad to say goodbye to Royal-to-be Meghan Markle as she moves on to bigger and better things, we’re still pumped that Suits returns on March 28th to wrap up season seven. This show is smart and witty, and filled with a bunch of characters we’re hopelessly devoted to, so we can’t wait for 2018’s TV midseason premieres to reignite our imaginary love affair with all of them.

No matter which TV midseason premieres you’re adding to your calendar, you can catch all the episodes when they air with Sling TV.


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