MLB All Star Snubs

MLB on Sling: The 2017 All-Star Starting Lineup Snubs

The announcement of the All-Star starting lineups and reserves brought with it its annual smattering of dunderheaded choices, though, to be fair, past rosters have been far more egregious. But that’s no reason not to examine the awful oversights. It’s hard to begrudge Salvador Perez his fourth consecutive start at the All-Star Game, as he…

Ichiro Suzuki

MLB on Sling: Ichiro Joins All Time Old Timers

Ichiro Suzuki started Sunday night at centerfield for the Miami Marlins, going 1-for-4 en route to a 4-2 win over the Chicago Cubs. It was an unremarkable game for a man with more than 3,000 career hits, but for one quirk of history: it made Ichiro, at the age of 43 years, 246 days, the…

MLB Left Right All Stars

MLB on Sling: The Left-Right All Stars

Most folks grow up right-handed or left-handed, with each hand having clearly defined roles, and not too much being asked of the non-dominant hand. But baseball players are different — of course they are — and they will do whatever they can to gain an advantage. For many who are born right-handed, this means learning…