lusia strus good behavior

EXCLUSIVE: Lusia Strus Talks Finding Her ‘Good Behavior’

TNT continues to raise the bar for its programming with Good Behavior, a show that pushes the boundaries not just for TNT but for its star Michelle Dockery (widely known as Lady Mary from Downton Abbey) and TV viewers’ acceptance of edgier, almost premium-style, content (see American Horror Story and The Walking Dead). Lusia Strus…

Illeana Douglas TCM

EXCLUSIVE: Illeana Douglas Talks TCM’s Trailblazing Women Movie Event

For the past two years, Illeana Douglas has hosted a number of the amazing, inspiring women who are consistently throwing sledgehammers towards Hollywood’s glass ceiling at TCM’s Trailblazing Women movie event. Last year, successful female directors like Allison Anders (Grace of My Heart, Sex and The City) and Amy Heckerling (Clueless, Fast Times at Ridgemont…

Pitch on FOX

‘Pitch’ and The Bigger Conversation

With the current state of politics and women still fighting the good fight for equality, it’s perfect timing for a quality show that brings women’s – nay, human! – issues to the forefront on a battleground that has historically been dominated by men. There are a lot of firsts going on in the first episode…