Night King, Game of Thrones on HBO

Everything We Saw in the New ‘Game of Thrones’ Trailer

After months with nothing more than blurry photos leaked from set (and after literally forcing fans to watch ice melt), HBO finally dropped the trailer for the new season of Game of Thrones that premieres on July 16, and it’s clear the seven-episode season will be worth the extra wait. But what does it all mean?! Because there’s so much…

American Gods Ricky Whittle

‘American Gods’ Is Bryan Fuller’s Best Yet

Bryan Fuller proved his genre chops with the short-lived, cult favorites Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies, and Hannibal, but even die-hard fans are in for a shock this Sunday. Nothing can prepare audiences for the premiere of American Gods—not Game of Thrones’ shadow-demon birth scene, nor any of the batshittery that’s ever gone down on an episode of True Blood….

Mary Kills People on Lifetime

Lifetime’s ‘Mary Kills People’ Mixes Medicine and Murder

April is shaping up to be a wonderful month for Bryan Fuller fans: in addition to next week’s premiere of American Gods on STARZ, Wonderfalls and Hannibal alum Caroline Dhavernas stars in Lifetime’s latest scripted drama, Mary Kills People, which follows the morally murky actions of a doctor who moonlights as an angel of mercy….

Jungletown on VICELAND

‘Jungletown’ = Real Hippies of Kalu Yala

After only a little more than a year at the controls of the channel formerly known as H2, hipster entertainment network Viceland has produced what might be the most fascinating thing on television. Remember the sheer horror when the rest of the country first discovered Jersey Shore back in 2009? The what-am-I-looking-at-and-why-can’t-I-look-away sense of shock…

FX's Legion

FX’s ‘Legion’ Premiere Is Insanely Good

Before Spider-Man, Iron Man, and the 50 (yes, fifty) films based on various Marvel properties to be scheduled for release since 2002, Bryan Singer’s summer of ’00 hit X-Men paved the way for the superhero revival and established Fox as the rights holder to all of Marvel’s mutants. Seventeen years later, and after Marvel has…

beaches lifetime

How to Watch the ‘Beaches’ Remake on Lifetime

Garry Marshall’s 1988 weepie classic, Beaches, starring Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey, is getting a 21st century remake, courtesy of Lifetime. In the updated version, Idina Menzel and Nia Long play the pair of childhood friends who struggle to find success and happiness in their wildly different lives, but whose unique friendship endures through it all. Below is…

HBO's The Young Pope

HBO’s ‘The Young Pope’ Is the Series Audiences Deserve

Imagine if against all odds a secretive and deeply conservative narcissist from New York were somehow voted into the world’s highest seat of power. No, not the Oval Office—that would be ludicrous—but rather the Throne of Saint Peter. In HBO’s latest series, Italian-import The Young Pope, art imitates life with curious accuracy, and the timing…