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The Catch-Up: New Episodes On-Demand This Week

Rick and Morty 3.6, ‘Rest and Ricklaxation’ (Adult Swim) Watch episode in browser (Chrome only)   American Horror Story 7.1, ‘Election Night’ (SEASON PREMIERE — FX) Watch episode in browser (Chrome only)     Preacher 2.12, ‘On Your Knees’ (AMC) Watch episode in browser (Chrome only)   The Last Ship 4.4, ‘Nostos’ (TNT) Watch episode…

(from left) Ben Robson, Carolina Guerra, Jake Weary, Scott Speedman, Finn Cole, Shawn Hatosy, and Molly Gordon in the season 2 finale of 'Animal Kingdom'

#Bingeworthy: Season 2 of ‘Animal Kingdom’

With its second season now complete, it’s fair to say that Animal Kingdom has become one of the best summer shows going and, in so doing, helped to raise the bar for TNT, once best known for network-lite fare like The Closer and Rizzoli & Isles.   Based on an Australian crime film of the…