Wanna Sling? Discover What It Means to be a Slinger in Our Newest Ads

Are you DTS (Down to Sling)? Have you ever been curious about the Slinger lifestyle? Today, you can see what it’s like to be a real “Slinger” in our newest ad campaign, dubbed “We Are Slingers.”

If you are already one of the millions of Americans who Sling (THANK YOU!), join us in proudly declaring your Slinger status to the world (and invite your friends for a sweet discount, while you’re at it)!

Not yet into Slinging? Don’t miss out on getting the Live TV You Love, Only Better. Now is the time to sign up – new customers get 7 days free, so you can try it with no commitment! Check out the newest ad below and join us in the Slinging lifestyle.

You’ll start to see our new ads roll out today on TV, social media, and even billboards, to name a few places.

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Colleen Sugarman
Head of Marketing, Sling TV