WATCH: Danny Trejo Rips Apart Cable TV Model in New Sling TV Ads

If you’ve ever been a traditional pay-TV customer, you’re likely familiar with the frustration of unexplainable charges and increases to your cable bill, sitting for hours on hold with customer service and a general distrust of the cable company. And some days, you wish you could send someone to tell the cable company exactly how you feel.

We understand your feelings, which is why we created Sling TV with no long-term contracts, customizable channels and the same low price every month. That’s also why we recruited “The Authority on Bad” himself – Danny Trejo –to tell the cable companies that customers have had it with their strong-arm tactics.

While you might not know Danny’s name (we’ll wait while you Google him), you’ll certainly recognize him from the tough characters he plays in TV shows like Breaking Bad and movies like Machete, Spy Kids, and From Dusk Til Dawn. Regardless of how you know the award-winning Hollywood actor, you know he’s not one to mess around with.

That’s exactly why our ads, launched today in both English and Spanish, feature Danny unleashing his rage at cable companies’ sneaky tactics, like step up fees, rental equipment fees, poor customer service and a business model that puts the consumer last. Danny tells cable like it is, ripping his cable bill to shreds and taking a machete to long-term contracts, while confirming he isn’t as scary or mean as cable companies.

We can’t wait to hear what you think of the new campaign! Check out the ads below, tweet, share and unleash your inner Danny. Find out more about the “Who’s Bad?!” campaign at

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Glenn Eisen
Chief Marketing Officer, Sling TV

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