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Three Ways To Watch Game Of Thrones On Sling TV

Are you getting excited for the upcoming sixth season of Game of Thrones? We are too. Before you start blocking off your Sunday evenings again, remember that there are three ways you can watch Game of Thrones on Sling TV.

First and most obviously, you can watch live on HBO on Sling TV when the show returns on April 24 at 9pm EDT. If one viewing isn’t enough, you can catch the premiere again on HBO at 11:30 Sunday night, again at 2am Monday, then at 9pm Tuesday, 4am Wednesday, 10pm Thursday, and 9pm Friday (all times Eastern).

Second, if you’re the type who likes to pause frequently in order to discuss the increasingly complex plot, you can go to HBO’s Video-On-Demand library and watch the episode there. You can start watching the episode on demand as soon as it airs live, at 9pm ET on Sunday. (Pro tip: Using the search function is an easy shortcut to all the content on Sling On Demand.) Watching on demand allows you to pause, rewind, or fast-forward as you like, so you can refresh your goblet of Dornish strongwine throughout the episode.

And third, though the season premiere will be available on VOD at the same time as it airs on HBO, you can watch it (and any of the previous 50 episodes, if you’re still catching up) on Sling On Demand on your own time, anytime.

Enjoy the show!

Sling Staff

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