Sling TV Upgrades Roku App

If you’re a Roku user, you may have noticed some changes to the Sling TV app. Last week, we began rolling out new features to make it easier than ever to find the content you love on Sling TV. We will continue to roll out the update over the next week, so keep an eye out for these new changes! Check out the latest updates below:

In-App Upgrades

Want to watch a game or show that’s in an Extra you’re not subscribed to? You no longer have to go to your account on to add content to your subscription. We’ve launched in-app upgrades under “Add Channels & More” on My TV, making it simple to add Extras and premium channels to your account in just a few clicks, so you can get back to watching the shows you love.

Sling TV In-App Upgrade Ribbon Screenshot

Add VOD to MyChannels

Quickly get to your favorite on-demand channels, like Nat Geo Wild and Fandor by adding them to MyChannels. For those of you that subscribe to Sling Blue but do not live in a market where the linear NBC and FOX channels are available, you’ll now be able to add the on-demand versions of the networks to MyChannels easily, so the latest episode of “This is Us” is only a few clicks away.

Sling TV VOD on MyChannels Screenshot

Get to Your Favorites Faster

Find your favorite channels even faster – we put your “favorites” front-and-center, so they’re easier to get to. You’ll now see favorite channels (indicated by a heart in the guide) at top of the “Grid Guide” and on the left of the “Channel Guide,” and the new “Micro Guide.”

Sling TV Favorites in Channel Guide Screenshot

New “Micro Guide”

Now you can browse what’s on while you watch – with the new “micro guide,” we’ve reduced the size of the guide you see while watching a show, so it takes up less of your screen. If you still want to access the full guide, simply press “down” on your remote’s “plus sign” control pad when watching a title.

Sling TV Micro Guide Screenshot

Updated Arrow Controls

We’ve changed the full-screen video navigation, so now pushing “up” on the “plus sign” control pad will bring up the micro guide, so you can browse what’s on without taking up your entire screen. Pushing “down” on the control pad will now bring up the guide you used to see.

Sling TV Favorites in Guide Screenshot

Safe Exit

Did you accidentally hit the “Exit” button on the remote while you’re watching a show? With this update, you’ll see a pop-up giving you the option to go back to your show or movie instead of leaving Sling TV, so you can go back to your House Hunters marathon, uninterrupted.

Binge On

Want to catch up on a show available on-demand? The next episode is just a click away, now that we’ve updated the player view. When you’re done watching an on-demand title, the app will automatically go back to the main page of the show you watched.

Sling TV Franchise View Screenshot

Haven’t received the update to your Sling TV app on Roku yet? Don’t worry, the update will roll out to all devices next week. If you have feedback on the new Roku updates, feel free to email us at To keep up with the latest announcements, bookmark this blog, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter (@Sling)!

Jimshade Chaudhari
Vice President, Product Marketing and Management, Sling TV