Sling TV Connects with Facebook to Launch on New Portal TV

Connecting with your family near and far is easier this holiday season with Facebook’s newly released Portal TV, from the Portal family of video calling devices. The new Portal TV brings smart video-calling to the largest screen in your home. And now, when you’re not on a call, you can tune into your favorite live and on-demand entertainment from Sling TV.

Portal TV sits discreetly on top of or below your television for immersive video calling, giving you the freedom to move around during calls and still be seen and heard from Portal TV’s 120-degree field of view. So, in addition to easily connecting with your Aunt Susan and having to dodge questions about who you plan to bring home for Thanksgiving, you can keep yourself sane by watching your favorite shows on Sling TV, all on the same device! Customers can access Sling on the device by simply downloading it from Portal TV’s app library. 

At Sling, our number one job is to make sure you have a great entertainment experience, and nothing sounds better to us than enjoying a great night in with your favorite TV binge session, then chatting your friends face-to-face about that shocking season finale, all while keeping cozy on your couch! 

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Sling Staff