Sling Standalone Standouts: Monsters & Nightmares

In addition to our Orange and Blue packages, Sling offers subscribers dozens of Add On Channels. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with options, Sling Standalone Standouts is here to help you discover great new content you might otherwise miss.

Channel: Monsters & Nightmares

What’s the Programming? Brides planning weddings in meticulous detail. Just kidding! It’s horror flicks, obviously.

What are some of the titles? Monsters & Nightmares features over four dozen scary movies, both American and international. Highlights include anthology films like the V/H/S and ABC’s of Death series, horror comedies like Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil and Rubber, and acclaimed international films like Mother, Let the Right One In, and The Host.

What else is there? If the horror titles don’t quicken your pulse, Monsters & Nightmares also offers something truly terrifying: Documentaries about corporate malfeasance. Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney has multiple titles available, including Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine and Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer. Other award winners include The Wolfpack and Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

I often pick movies based on actors rather than premise. Oh, look at you, fancy boy!

Um… Just joking, that’s a good idea. Lucky for you, Monsters & Nightmares has many titles featuring award season favorites. Mr. Nobody is a powerful sci-fi film starring Jared Leto; Two Lovers is an acclaimed drama with Joaquin Phoenix and Gwyneth Paltrow; and The Burning Plain features a trio of Oscar winners in Charlize Theron, Kim Basinger and Jennifer Lawrence.

OK, this sounds cool. How do I sign up? You can add Monsters & Nightmares to your channels for just $3 a month. Just sign into your Sling account, search the name and click “Add.” Happy Halloween!